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Do you pin postcards up with the writing outwards or inwards?

Asked by genkan (784points) October 13th, 2010
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Do you pin your postcards up with the picture outwards and writing inwards, or do you do it the other way around?

I have just received a postcard from Coffs Harbour in NSW, Australia, from my brother. I’ve tacked it to the corkboard with the writing outwards because I’ve never been to Coffs Harbour, so the picture has no emotional significance to me. I don’t care where people have been, all that matters is that they’ve taken the time to write, so I want to keep the writing in view.

What do you do, and why?

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I don’t have a board to post my posts on. My letters are lazily stored on my dresser, in a large envelope, and in a red box. If I were to tack them on a board, I would probably have the writing face me. Seeing the handwriting of friends and family makes me happy :)

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I think however you want to display it is perfect, it is your card now after all.

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Picture facing outward is how I do it.

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Nice picture with little text – picture out. Nice big text, meaningful or of sentimental value – not so important picture or too touristy – text out. Simple. GQ by the way.

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I pin whichever side is prettier facing out. Most postcards I receive are hand drawn though.

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Who are you posting it for? If for friends, the picture, if for yourself, any which way you want.

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I photocopy the picture and pin that under the writing.

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Picture outwards. I have never even thought of doing it the other way.

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Picture outwards. The text is private, the picture helps me think of that person in that place. I have several postcards, one dating back 15 years, on the side the refrigerator, held in place with magnets. They fix people in place and time, and the images recall not only the person, but the emotions attached to the relationship with them. I will probably never see Cairo, Yemen, Prague, or Portland, Oregon. But people I care about did, and they will carry the memory of those places with them.

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Picture side out, of course. I don’t my cat Sy reading the private stuff other cats write to me!

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Picture out. And on occasion, when it catches my attention, I’ll flip it over and re-read the note. It always makes me smile.

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I love postcards.

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If i ever did post postcards up on a wall, i’d do it with the picture facing out, because that’s usually more interesting than looking at writing. The writing will still always be there, and if i wanted to read it, i’d just turn it around and then put it back when i’m done.

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picture out.. I like looking at other places!!

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You could always keep the picture facing out for a few days, then flip the card over and have the text facing out for the next few days. Just to keep things fresh and interesting, you know!

Personally, I always have the picture facing out because, even though I might not have an emotional connection with the place on the front, the person writing to me thought, out of all the postcard choices they had, that that one was the one they’d send to me. If they thought it was a worthwhile image for me to see, then so do I. Of course, if the image on the front is visually offensive, like a porno picture or something, then I might display the writing instead!

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Depends on the picture. Some postcards have hideous photos on them, and some are beautiful.

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