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Why are things so funny late at night, especially when you're tired?

Asked by Aqua (2546points) October 14th, 2010
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Why do you think it’s so easy to laugh at everything when it’s late and you’re tired?

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Because that’s when I’m usually on Fluther.

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Social guards are down, standards are lowered and you just want to laugh.

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I have not been getting that much sleep lately so I have been acting like this during the daytime :) It has been quite entertaining actually. I think it is just because you have no energy and you can’t focus very well so you cannot understand that something was really not that funny.

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Rither because you are watching the late night shows full of funhny lines [Conan, Letterman, etc} or because you are drunk or stoned.

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Alcohol :)

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I think it’s because our mind is so tired and worn out from the activity it did that day that when we reach the point of laugher over something we woulnt have found funny 5 hours earlier is because as we get older we develop what we concider “what’s appropriate for our age” but we never really loose that part of us that let us laugh freely over something, and at late night were too tired to subconsciencesly say “I shouldn’t find this funny” so we let ourselves be free, and laugh

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Oh I don’t discriminate, i’m always laughing regardless of the time of day. Time for your giggle jacket fitting sir!

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Sleep deprivation! :)

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