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Would you manifest your dreams in real life if you also had to do so for your nightmares?

Asked by Rubrica (613points) October 16th, 2010
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So, you’ve become the test subject for a fascinating new machine that allows you to make any dream you might have while sleeping come true – you married that girl of your dreams in your sleep? Well now she doesn’t have to be a dream! However; there is one catch; everything you dream must become true, whether it’s good or bad. Would you agree to test the machine, knowing that Elmo is going to come running at you with a knife? I’m making a point, by the way, I don’t dream that. The conditions of the machine mean that no matter how far-fetched your dreams or nightmares might be, they will come true.

So, would you test the machine?

Also, I’d like to mention that if this sort of thing becomes as popular as my previous hypothetical question did, I intend on making this a regular thing for all you hypothetical question lurvers out there. Sound good?

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As tempting as flying without the help of an airplane is….
I’m not sleeping with John Goodman and I am not fighting grizzly bears.Ever ;)

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Yes, indeed! My dreams are awesome and the nightmares aren’t that bad. So yes, I would undoubtedly use a machine like that.

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Absolutely not.

I rarely have dreams in which I live a life that is absolutely “better” than my real one. Usually, they are just strange and quite impractical, but not necessarily more enjoyable than reality. I do, however, have a lot of nightmares that could be quite credible in real life, and extremely detrimental to my happiness.

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Not a chance. Not even the “good” dreams. They are only dreams. I’d rather live my life.

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Even my dreams tend to be a little weird.

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Yes, even though you would not like a nuclear apocalypse with subsequent alien invasion and enslavement of humanity.
I would though.

marinelife's avatar

No, not even if I didn’t have to have my nightmares.

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

No thank you. Most of the dreams are neutral, and the few that are bad are not worth risking. I have no desire to be in a relationship with Tom Cruise, lose my fiancĂ© to the fictional Susannah, or experience a spaceship sized bowl of tapioca pudding made out of boogers come floating up the stairs and hover over the bed. I’ll take the bad of reality over those.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@Pied_Pfeffer LOL! I can’t blame ya!

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No thanks. That would be scary.

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No. I like being able to do things in my dreams that I can’t or shouldn’t do in reality. I’d like to keep those options open in my dreams.

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I totally would. I don’t have nightmares and my regular dreams are awesome, so there is no reason why I wouldn’t.

Just last night I had a dream I was eating pickles and antique shopping in an old city by a river with a really cute artsy girl. That would be rad.

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My dreams are mimetic of real life (i.e. supremely boring), and my nightmares are just dreams with an underlying and irrational sense of dread, like the life of a paranoiac. So, no, I wouldn’t, just because doing so wouldn’t change much.

I don’t think I’ve ever flown in dreams or done anything otherwise interesting. If that were the case, I’d try it. Or if sexual fantasies were included, and I could manifest them, then yes, sure, I think it would be worth it.

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Definitely NOT!

I have entirely too many dreams about war to want them to come true under ANY circumstances! Besides, most of my good dreams DID come true anyway! : D

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Yes I would. My nightmares aren’t usually that bad, and my good dreams are like adventure movies and often involve exotic locations. I’ll have some of that.

Oh god, I just remembered something. If all my dreams come true, I would have to be called Brian. I have no idea why I dreamed that.

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Damn I really don’t have an answer for this question at the moment, but this is a very excellent question indeed.

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god yes, but lordy, my nightmares would make you piss your panties.

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Abosolutely not! I have no desire to regularly be transported to strange, colorful worlds where nothing makes sense.

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Most of my dreams are very pleasant but there are exceptions. Last night for example I dreamed I was in bed with my ex. So, thanks for the offer but I am afraid no.

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I would not want to manifest my dreams even if I didn’t have to manifest my nightmares. My dreams a pretty cool, but I’m certain that if brought to life they would freak me right out.

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I really wouldn’t want to manifest my dreams, simply because of the fact that all of my dreams last three days, at minimum. Yes, you heard me right. Regardless of however long I’m actually asleep for, whenever I dream (which is rarely, to be honest) it’s the equivalent of a 300-page novel.

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There are some things that are bad enough in dreams. To live through them—would leave me permanently disabled both mentally and physically.

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Hell no!

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No. I have some pretty bad dreams. And hardly ever any good ones. Some of my dreams the tables are turned. Elmo isn’t ever chasing me with a knife and I’m never running. I’m chasing people with knives and shooting people. I don’t want that to turn to reality.

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My nightmare seems like it is slowly coming around anyways, so yeah, I’ll do it.

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no thank you!

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