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Do you believe there is a Loch Ness Monster/Bigfoot, etc?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 24th, 2010
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If so, do ya think they’re friendly?

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No. The majority of “evidence” brought forward has already been debunked as hoaxes, and to date there is zero credible evidence that either exist. It has also pretty much been proven that a creature of Nessy’s size could not survive in Loch Ness. Not even half her size.

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No way, just tales or tourist attractions.

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No I don’t think it true, just urban legend.
.....‘a story that appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in various forms and is usually false; contains elements of humor or horror and is popularly believed to be true’

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I think you just described Conway Twitty, or is it Burl Ives….not sure! :¬)

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A friend of mine that lived in Alaska for awhile,swears he saw the “Hairy Man” there. Another man I know casually,says his family has seen them in northern Michigan for years.He says it sounds anything but friendly.
I say mother-in-laws do exist. ;)

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Could the Bigfoot possibly be some sort of ape? Just a thought…

I don’t think Nessie exists.

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I don’t actually believe in any of them, but I think it’s great that we have the stories, and I wish people would just leave them alone to be stories, without having to prove anything one way or the other.

This is not my overall attitude toward truth-seeking, to which I am devoutly committed; but I just think some truths are irrelevant, if not entirely unnecessary.

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No – although when I was younger I kind of hoped that Nessie was real, and was a plesiosaur. I thought it would have been cool if there was still a dinosaur around.

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Not urban, though, @AmWiser, do you think? These are not stories of the city. Urban legends (fictitious city lore) are like these old folktales from the countryside.

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@Jeruba I can stand corrected regarding the word urban, but an urban legend does not necessarily specify city or countryside according to the dictionary I consulted.

Wikpedia: Despite its name, an urban legend does not necessarily originate in an urban area. Rather, the term is used to differentiate modern legend from traditional folklore in pre-industrial times. For this reason, sociologists and folklorists prefer the term contemporary legend.

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@AmWiser, the use of the term appears to be evolving, to judge from your sources. Thanks for the update. In any case, I think we can agree that Nessie and Bigfoot are far too old and widespread for that label.

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No, but I’m sure there’s some weird creatures yet to be discovered.

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@Jeruba Here’s a snapshot of bigfoot in the city. It’s totally an urban legend :)enjoy

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I’m fascinated with the Loch Ness monster myth (Loch Ness is one of my favourite places on the whole planet!) but there is so much evidence that it probably doesn’t exist now even if it once did. It is believed that the Loch, despite it’s size, couldn’t support such a life.

However, if it does exist, I hope we never find out for sure because the moment we do the poor thing will be subjected to so many experiments etc.

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Someone asked how stories like that get started. They get started when people think they see something that they don’t understand.

@noelleptc Does logic always disappoint you?

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@noelleptc I can honestly say that I’ve never seen boring people here…at least not ones who stay. I have a friend who is a born again Christian, and she goes out of her way to see spiritual significance in every day things, like, magical significance, and gets upset with me when I find a logical explanation for whatever it is.

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I can’t really say I believe, but Monster Quest is one of my favorite television shows. I like a good mystery.

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This is the most believable theory on “Nessie” at least to me it is.

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@ucme Excellent! But…they don’t have elephants in Scotland!

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@Dutchess_III If you read the article underneith the picture it explains why there might hve been an elephant in the Loch!

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@Dutchess_III Read the full story, would be my suggestion!

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@ucme Was a good suggestion! And as far as I’m concerned, that ‘splains it! It fits perfectly.

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@Dutchess_III Nessie the elephant packed her trunk & said goodb…....:¬)

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@ucme): ye! Talk about the “one that got away”!

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I don’t know what to think, really. This is funny because I was just watching an X Files last night that was essentially about a LochNess type creature. Most of me thinks nothing like that exists, but a small part of me does. Or, I guess I should say, a small part of me wants to. It’d be interesting and would open the door to more possibilities, if something that out of the ordinary existed.

But I’ve watched a million shows on Loch Ness and…I don’t think so :(

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No, but I believe in the Samsquanch

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Wasn’t Harry friendly? I couldn’t it in english

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