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How do you get a boyfriend?

Asked by peanutbutter97 (106points) October 27th, 2010
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I don’t want a stupid one. I want smart one that is cute.

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You can get a boyfriend trap in almost any hardware store.

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Check your local grade school.

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Why do I need to work on my grammar?

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Get involved in activities where you will meet alot of different boys.
From there you can pick your victim ;)

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Because you said “I want smart one”.

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Oh. Now I see. I forgot to look over my work. Sorry!

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Just go about being the smartest, cutest most authentic you you can be. Live your life, get involved in things you love doing and inevitably, a boyfriend will eventually ensue. As with most things in life, when you stop looking, it will happen.

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@janbb has great advice. Or you can check your local listings for boyfriend breeders.

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You want a smart and cute boyfriend then look smart and cute. You want lots of smart and cute boyfriends then look dumb and cute. ;)

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Just be yourself, show interest when you have it, and smile.

If you show too much skin, you’ll attract boys that just want skin. Not that you shouldn’t show off a bit though…. love at first sight isn’t based off of intellect.

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playing the dumb and helpless or just the helpless card (aka the Siren’s Song) should attract plenty, from there you pick your victim.

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Put out.

EDIT: Wait, were you born in 97? If so, disregard this advice.

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stop looking. they always come at the most inconvenient times :P

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I’ll let you know when I figure it out!

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Here’s the list to avoid: the loud-mouths, the bullies, the ones with anger issues, the one who think drinking and drugs are cool, the smokers, the sulkers, the vampire freaks, the misbehavers.
That leaves only a handful of honest, smart, dependable boys. Go for them. It is not well known but they make the best partners. You be the same.

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Give up and wait for opportunity to come knocking on your proverbial door. People can be remarkable obtuse when it comes to realising that someone likes them, and after a year and a half of being in unrequited limerence with someone, I can tell you now that it’s really not worth dropping everything to pursue getting a boyfriend.

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Thanks for all the advice/

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What if I get one and then there is one of the guys that don’t know and I really like him. He likes me back and asks me out. What should I do then?

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Maybe you don’t want to commit to having any one boyfriend at this age but keep yourself free to, as we used to say, “play the field.”

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I have this friend and we both like the same guy. She thinks she will get him but he already likes me and he likes her but ever since I went to this school we have been hanging out and he is my best friend. Do I break my friends heart or the guy who likes me.

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@peanutbutter97 I suspect it is up to the guy to choose – not in your or your friend’s power to determine.

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He won’t answer either of us either

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