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If someone asked you to euthanise them, would you?

Asked by Rubrica (613points) October 28th, 2010
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A fairly simple question tonight; if someone was in pain and wanted you to end their life, would you?

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Depends on the situation. Pinned under a car, with no way out. Sure.

Laying in bed. Sick and in pain. Sorry, that is for your doctor to do.

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It depends who it is and the situation. I’ve seen people go through really tough illnesses and I just wished for the end for them, and they the same, and if it’s someone close enough to me, and their end was imminent – why not?

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Depends on who it is, but yes, I would.

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Oy…hmm. It completely depends on the situation and where I live. If I really needed to do it for someone I care about, I would. Although, it would have to be done in a country that allows it.

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No, I’m too afraid of spending the rest of my life in prison. Silly of me, huh?

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If you would I have a proposition for you. I am in pain 24/7 right now and if they are unable to help me or do something about it I would love to have it done. Would I do it? If I would not have to suffer the law because of it and the person was in pain enough or sick enough for that. I think they ought to make it okay in the US to do but have strict guidance for it and the person themself pushes the button if at all possible.

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No, only because it would come back to bite me legally, although if I could get away with it, yes.

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There are other places in the world where you can do it legally. I’ve watched shows where people will travel somewhere to basically die. I agree with JustmeAman, it should be legal in north america with strict guidelines.

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I could procure the gun, but I couldn’t pull the trigger.

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They never even have to ask.

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Nope. Someone else would have to do it. I just couldn’t. At least, I can’t imagine doing it. I can’t hasten a life’s end. Maybe that’s wimpy of me, but it would be up to the life itself, to end, however it ends.

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I don’t think I could actually bring their death with my own hands. However I would be prepared to assist them to travel to a place where it could be done legally.

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Not sure…is it my mother in law or my cat? ;)

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Heck, I wouldn’t wait for them to ask

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No. Would not want any part of it. Neither would I ever ask someone else to relief me of my pain. I will go out the old fashion way! I’ll be the like the cowboy, die like a man with my boots on!

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Is it Goerge Bush?
Or Tony Blair?
Pity Michael Jacksons already dead…...
AAaaarrrrr theres so many to choose from. If only they’d ask!

Can I use bleach?....... that would be a good slow death…....

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I would help someone do it right, but not pull the trigger myself. I think we all own our own lives.

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My best friend and I have discussed this. We are to leave a lethal dose of a medication within reach if we come to the point we want/need to die because of pain or quality of life is no quality of life any longer. This way, we won’t actually do the deed, but a conduit to the deed.

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I don’t know..

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The how, the who and the where would be factors but I would hate to see a loved one suffering.

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If these current tests don’t find anything and I continue in this pain I will seek it and hope that I can find it. I have had to put down some of my best friends (pets) though it was hard it is harder to watch them suffer. Some family I have are in the suffer mode and I wish my mother could just go to sleep and not wake up.

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One of my favorite movies of all times (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof), Harvey ‘Big Daddy’ Pollitt: [Wincing with pain] It’ll kill the senses too! You… you got pain – at least you know you’re alive.

Pain is part of living and part of dying. So, i will deal with it.

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I agree with being the helper and not the actual doer. I didn’t make my previous statement clear. By agreeing that I would do it, I mean I would help them end their life. They would have to be the one that does it. In saying that, if I was asked to “do” the deed (depending on the situation) ..I would want to do what was asked but I don’t know if I actually could go through with it (but I would still try).

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This is one of those situations I can’t put myself in, I just can’t imagine it. But I guess I would give them the the needle. I don’t choose who lives or dies they control their life and if they want to end it so be it.

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I accidentally almost killed myself with carbon monoxide, running a gas powered pressure cleaner in a building I thought was sufficiently ventilated but apparently wasn’t! Anyhow, it was not an unpleasant feeling, so if someone wanted to die because of chronic pain or terminal illness, I would help them do it in that way. And I hope if I were too weak to help myself someone would do the same for me. Or as @chyna says above, it is good to have someone who feels the same way who you can count on.

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I think @chyna has the right take on the subject. By providing the means but not doing the deed one would be able to provide a compassionate way out for the suffering soul who wants to pass on without committing murder.

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I feel exactly the same as @chyna. Unfortunately, in my line of work, I know what it is line to have someone beg you to take their life. To be that miserable, to feel so desperate for your life to end because there seems to be nothing left in it for you but pain… it is a sad thing to see. I truly believe people should have more rights to end their own life in cases of terminal illness.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^yes, but who has knowledge of and sources of lethal anything? Chyna.

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Nembutal is available out of Mexico and I believe some other countries. Good old google can help you in any way you wish!

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@Aster We are going with Ambien for now. When we are 80, who knows what will be out there. My friend is a nurse.

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I I could do it without getting thrown in prison, and the person desperately wanted to end it all, I’d help them out in a heartbeat. I don’t want to be the person laying there, wishing to die, and no one will just off me for my own benefit!

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This is something I couldn’t possibly know the answer to unless I was in the situation. I agree that there should be rights for people suffering from terminal illnesses to make those decisions. I think the actual physical act of terminating someone’s life (by their choice) would be quite traumatic. However, I wouldn’t want someone close to me to endure chronic pain with no end in sight. I’d most definitely support what the person wanted regardless.

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@chyna You’re going to need a lot of Ambien – probably more than you think. I recently (stupidly) took an entire month’s Rx of both Ambien and Klonopin and, well, here I am. (Thankfully)

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@Supacase Thankfully, yes, you are still with us. Hopefully, this isn’t a route me and my friend will ever need to take.

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Upon rereading, my answer sounds like helpful advice – not really my intention. Yes, I hope it will never be necessary for either of you.

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Physician assisted suicide is legal in Oregon and Canada is reviewing our laws. Euthanasia happens here with horribly ill patients- I know I may have given the last injection or been the one to turn the pump up.

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Turn off life support? Yes. Not call 911? Yes. Actively cause their death? No.

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Hell no. But I’d be glad to help hook them up with Dr. Kevorkian’s Associates or help them reach their pills. Unfortunately if you did anything more than that, you could be accused of murder.

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I want to kill old suffering people everyday.

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The opportunity arose once when my sister had cancer. She fought it for five years, and in her last two weeks, I took care of her in her home, along with family and friends. Each day, she lost the ability to do one more thing. The hospice care had given us morphine, and I probably could have ended her life without it ever being noticed. I considered it briefly until my other sister arrived. The one who was ill and could barely move and could no longer speak reached her hand up and stroked our sister’s face. After witnessing that, I just waited it out and did my best to continue to make her comfortable. Had she been brain-dead, it may have been a different matter.

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If they begged me whether they were a Relative Old Friend or even a Stranger they are a human being I would try to help them with a method but ask them to do it themselves.However in Switzerland,Germany,Estonia it is absolutely Legal for a person to help someone die if they so request it.I truly believe it can be the ultimate act of compassion in certain circumstances such as prolonged physical or mental illness.

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