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Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) October 30th, 2010
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In light of Halloween, and because my friend and I are pretty convinced her dorm room is haunted, I wanted to know what kind of paranormal experiences other people have had.

There are some pretty inexplicable things that happen in my friend’s dorm room. She’ll often look up at her pictures to see them facing her only to look up at them again a few minutes later to see that one has been turned around and is facing the wall. She’s also hung her towel up and found it flung across the room. Yesterday I witnessed some spooky stuff myself while in there. Her bottle of Gain randomly fell out of her closet and then we glanced up and saw two of her hangers swinging for no apparent reason. We got the heck out of there.

What’s some spooky stuff that’s happened to you?

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Nothing really, ghosts dont haunt skeptics for some strange reason.

I have seen some things in the sky over the years that i had no idea what they where, but other than that nothing really.

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A picture fell off of the wall (it had been taped, not hung with a nail) when a group of us were conducting a séance. The older sister of a classmate had recently been killed when she was hit by a car, and we called upon her spirit. It was creepy, but I believe it was a coincidence.

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I’ve seen 3 ghosts. I’ve felt a tug on my coat when no one was around. I’ve been to a number of psychics and mediums, some were quacks and some were the real deal. I read tarot cards and have had too many unexplainable things happen with them to count. I’m a real believer in such things.

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When I lived in an apartment building a few years ago my roommate and I started noticing weird things. These occurred during a 2–3 week period:

-we noticed that the inside fabric in our living room curtains were shredded to pieces, as if a cat or wild animal had torn them. They were pretty trashed. Neither of us had pets.

-one evening while alone in the bathroom my roommate heard voices whispering into her ears. She ran screaming from the apartment and wouldn’t go back inside until I came home. We didn’t find anything (or anyone).

-one night I was in the kitchen at the counter stirring some batter in a bowl. I turned away and a knife fell on the floor. Please understand, the knife was at the very back of the counter, up against the tile backsplash. When I bent down to pick up the knife, a spoon fell on the floor. It was also up against the back of the counter.

-one night while alone with my boyfriend (my roommate was out of town), I heard someone moving around in the bathroom. I woke up my boyfriend, totally scared. He heard the noise as well and got up to investigate. I called 911 and told the dispatcher what I’d heard. She advised us NOT to go into the bathroom. But my boyfriend was a Marine and thought he could handle whoever was in there. So he lunges into the bathroom only to find nothing there. The police showed up, searched the entire place and deemed that “we must have been hearing things.”

-Around the same time, a friend of mine at work told me about strange things happening at her apartment. Things like her boyfriend’s t-shirt disappearing from the washing machine only to be found the next day in the washing machine torn to shreds. She also had an incident where she heard her next door neighbors moving heavy furniture around. She called the leasing office to complain and was told that the apartment was empty.

-One evening my roommate and I noticed a foul odor in the apartment, coming from the back of my closet. We pulled everything out but didn’t find anything. The odor eventually went away. The next day my friend from work told me that she and her boyfriend had noticed a strange odor coming from one of the closets in their apartment.

-So, I decided to document all of these events. I entered everything onto a computer at work and saved the file. That night there was a fire in the building and the network and sever housing my files were damaged. The LAN administrator told me that I was the last person logged in to the network before the fire started.

I actually contacted the parapsychology department at one of the local universities to see if they could come to the apartment and investigate. However, these events occurred during the summer and the very small department was shut down until the fall.

The events eventually stopped.

Since the fire a few years ago, this is the first time I’ve attempted to document these events. Hope my laptop doesn’t crash . . . . also, I’ll probably be up all night with the lights on since thinking about this creeps me out.

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When I was about twelve, I was sitting on the couch having a bible study with my mom and two sisters. All of a sudden it felt like a strong wind was blowing in the room and something slammed into me. I flew out of my body and around the room, eventually going into a box of Atari games in my bedroom closet. I never even stood up, yet I have this vision of flying around the room. My mom being religious told me it was a demon, but I think differently. It was definatly something but it didnt seem evil, just powerful. Afterwards I was sweating and stuttering and totally freaked out. It was pretty sweet.

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@poisonedantidote – skeptics tend to become believers once they experience something . . . although I wouldn’t say I’m a complete believer myself. A believing skeptic/skeptical believer.

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Yeah, the paranormal doesn’t seem to appear to skeptics. Or maybe it has, but we can just explain it with something non-paranormal. Either way, I’m open to something paranormal happening to me. If the paranormal wants to prove its existence to me, it’s welcome to do so, but it hasn’t so far. :\

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It was three AM and I just woke up from a wet dream involving pickles and angelina jolie. I had to use the bathroom after a big mexican dinner involving chalupas, gorditas, and margaritas. Words cannot express the relief I felt after having the biggest bowel movement in my life. As I went to flush the big brown creature that I just unleashed, I noticed something…THERE WAS NOTHING. The toilet was completely empty.

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Unexplained does not mean inexplicable. A lot of explanations have to do with bad plumbing.

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I actually used to live in a house that was haunted. I sensed the presents of a young boy….he would follow me down the hall. No, I did not see him but I do believe he was real. My mom said that one moring she heard a boy run down the hall and a dog barking. She checked it out and there was nothing there. The boy didn’t scare me…it was the spirit in the garage. You see my step grandpa had died there (from a terrible fall.) and ever since then my family and I heard things out in that garage…walking, creaks weird stuff. I also saw a black shadow move and walk into one of the rooms. Quite scary. Even my dog was afraid of the weird activity. Oh and one time the lights even turned on and off. It was freakin scary. I believe I am sensitive to spririts.

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I wish I could say that I don’t believe in ghosts, or in another, spirit world, but I’ve had to many experiences that I thought were impossible to have, prior. Death is going to be a trip. I was born knowing what happens when we die, kinda takes the motivation out of life.

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One afternoon I saw a kid dressed in late 1800s early 1900s clothing who was standing by a window peering out of it. I thought it was odd because why would a kid dress like they were about to do hard labor. I looked again and he was still there. I turned my head and looked back and he was no longer there. By the way this happened at a house that is inhabited by 7 ghosts- 5 people that range from the late 1800s to the 1950s/ 1960s and 2 ghost dogs. The family and previous families who have lived there have all had experiences that ranged from hearing someone banging and walking around, to hearing glasses clinking late at night to having mediums confirm the presences arestill there.They’ve alsohad stuff happen with their lights and had music turn on by itself and had doorknobs rattle like someone was trying to come in when there was no one there.The house has been blessed several times but supposedly they are all good spirits.

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