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Have you seen an earthworm slithering about yet this year?

Asked by mcbealer (10224points) April 2nd, 2008
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I experienced my first earthworm sighting of the spring season this afternoon, here in Western MD.

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since january? yea ive seen tons. especially around late january – early february when it seemed like the rain would never stop.

(but im in california. does that make a difference?)

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I will check. There are dozens of robins all over. They must be eating something. (Snow belt in NYS.) Could I train them to eat ticks?

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yep today it rained and they were popping out the ground so they would not drown. Then again I live way down south in Dixie.

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Walking to work here in the Willamette Valley requires looking down at the sidewalk to avoid all the worms! Of course, I’d rather be looking at the daffodils, tulips, forsythia and blooming trees. :)

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Yes, I was on jury duty Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and the courthouse was full of them.


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We’ve had a mild winter in in NC and I’ve seen them off and on all year.

@gailcalled, I’ve always heard that guinea hens eat ticks (seems to be the only reason anyone ever has them). Stupid birds, though.

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@syz: Indeed. MY sister has spent countless hours hatching and raising g/h chicks in her basement…..feed, heat lamps, water.

Then one by one, they have been picked off by the local (4-legged) predators. The last one, a truly dumb bulb, died, I would guess, of loneliness. And the racket it made.

And I have seen them -post car accident – dying by the side of the road.

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I have seen loads of them, but I am in the Irish countryside so there are lots.

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Yes my science class and I went worm hunting

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lots up in Denver

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diggin in the garden I’ve seen a couple.

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I saw worms on my daughter’s blacktop driveway up here in northern Illinois for the first time last week. Too much rain to keep them in the ground!

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