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Is It hard to become famous?

Asked by maxwellmachine (66points) November 2nd, 2010
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I take voice lessons and have great voice and compared to singers that sing live I sing it just liked their edited song. Steps in becoming famous?

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No, look at Sarah Palin and O’Donnell.

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Yes it is hard to become famous. The main things to consider are:
Producer, band, manager, personal appearance, demographic, style, age, etc. You need to be willing to play the game and willing to play it better than anyone else.
The road is long and hard. Get yourself some head shots, body shots, a good recording of several songs. A manager that knows what time of year to send off press packs, etc…
Sing out as much as possible and get yourself in to a major market. You won’t be considered if you don’t have a following.
It’s really hard to do. No rest for the successful. Good luck.

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Some people just accidentally fall into it, like Justin Bieber. His mom posted a video of him singing on YouTube, and he is now one of the biggest singing stars around.

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Ugh Justin Bieber.

But yes i understand.

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You have to treat it like a business. Most musicians don’t luck into success; it takes a lot of hard work. Do you have demos that you send out? Sing at weddings? Have friends with a band that you sing with?

You say you sing just like other people. Do you have a unique style as well?

Just to be clear, his mom didn’t just “post a video of him.” According to the Vancouver Sun she created a YouTube channel and posted videos for several years before he attracted the attention of talent agents in Atlanta.

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Maybe, now infamous that’s the easy ticket. Simply shoot someone relatively well known & Bob’s your uncle!

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@ucme took the words right out of my mouth. Infamy is easy, fame – not so much. As the old saying goes, “there is a broken heart for every light on Broadway.”

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@SuperMouse Ahh, but you say it with so much more style! :¬)

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Hard work. Long hours. Obsession with what you do. Willingness to put yourself out there and to ask for places to perform, and to keep doing it nearly 24 hours a day.

I’m just curious though. Why do you want to be famous? I wonder how many famous people every asked themselves this question. I wonder if they had, would they still be famous?

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It depends on the industry in which you want to become famous. If we were ranking the hardest “famous” occupations to break into, I have to think singing would be #1 or #2.

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Not really if you want to kill a bunch of people all at once. LOL

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Great answer, and yet I feel like if I hit the GA I will be punished for it in the afterlife…

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Great Answer… I don’t know why I abbreviated it the second time, but not the first. It’s almost like I was inviting confusion, sorry.

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GA=Great answer. I was wondering why you said it was a great answer but you didn’t GA me. Oh well, I’ll forgive you. lol

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