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I desperately need to update my iPod. Quick, give me your 5 best songs?

Asked by Jude (32198points) November 3rd, 2010
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I am all over the place with the kind of music that I like. Here is my

Thanks, jellies!

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I couldn’t go through your whole thing, so let me ask if you have any Dave Brubeck? “Take Five” is an obvious choice but I also like “Unsquare Dance” and “The Duke” a lot.

I also just heard a jazz bassist named Esperanza Spalding (on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” podcasts – SUBSCRIBE!). She was amazing. I don’t have any of her music yet but will soon buy some.

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You can get 1,000 free songs from each year’s SXSW here.

I find that I keep about 1 of every 5 or 6 songs, and they do stay with me.

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Here are five that I’ve been listening to quite often recently.

PhantogramMouthful of Diamonds
Mackintosh BraunNow
FoalsHeavy Water

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Vanishing Point – New Order
Golden Green – The Wonderstuff
People Are People – Depeche Mode
Loser – Beck
Roam – The B 52’s

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My current faves are:

Beg, Borrow or Steal by Ray LaMontagne
Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

and pretty much anything by Bob Schneider; if you’re not familiar, check out “40 Dogs” and “Bring the Bringdown”

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Guster – Center of Attention
Anna David – Fuck You
Rank 1 – It’s Up to You
T.V. Carpio – I Want to Hold Your Hand
Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing

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Piano Man-Billy Joel
Bridge over troubled water-Simon and Garfunkel
I’ll See you again-Westlife
Ebay Song-Weird Al
Mandy-Barry Manilow

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Adoramus by Libera

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew by Ministry of Magic

The theme music to the John Adams miniseries, by Rob Lane and Joseph Vitarelli

The Lilting Banshee by Todd Denman and Dale Russ on the album Reeds and Rosin

The Memory of Trees by the Taliesen Orchestra on the album Orinoco Flow—The Music of Enya (I couldn’t find a link, but all of these songs are on itunes)

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@GeorgeGee I fell in love with Eva Cassidy’s “Fields of Gold” when Michelle Kwan skated to it after she lost the gold medal to Tara Lipinsky. You can see that performance here

@OreetCocker Roam and Love Shack are 2 of the best pick me up songs of all time!

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@Kardamom I struggled to pick between the two of them!!

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I recently stumbled upon Wooden Dolls by Nico Vega. Pretty song.

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Queens of the Stone AgeIn The Fade
LOVE/HATEDon’t Fuck With Me
Electric SixGay Bar
Led ZeppelinThe Rain Song
Brad NeelyGeorge Washington

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Philosophy by Hollie Smith
Provider by Hollie Smith
On and on by Erykah Badu
... & On by Erykah Badu
Left Side Drive by Boards Of Canada.

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Space Bound by Eminem
Lost by RED
My World by SR-71
Last to Know by Three Days Grace
Colors- Crossfade

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A late reply. Here goes, song title – Artist.

All Eyes On Me – Zico Chain
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
Feel It Now – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Bring On The Wonder – Susan Enan featuring Sarah Mclachlan
Свобода – Lumen

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