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Can any one think of any good last names, small towns, or cool places?

Asked by butterflies (35points) November 3rd, 2010
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I’m writing a book and the two main characters that fall in love are going to fight in the book. I need people names and maybe settings of the story. like where they fight and everything. That would be awsome!

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Welcome to fluther!! I have asked the same stuff of my offline friends, and got….Janedelila (of course!), Maxwell, Eily (short for Eileen). Also, for fighting, a town called Warren (warring) funny cuz it’s the name of the town where I live right now. Rufus, Otis, Jack, Rick, Ruby, Jake, I call one of my friends Felony Melanie And as for settings try on a railroad trestle near dark, a room in a basement that turns to dirt from concrete, down back of a tree stand maybe where there is an old tire swing, out on a big rock by a riverbed. Just my own ideas, hope even one will inspire you.

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