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And just what are you upset about now?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21636points) November 6th, 2010
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Has something upset you over the last 24 hours(approximately)?

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I’m upset at my cat for peeing on my bed sheets!!!

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I’m upset about someone constantly commenting on how much money I spent last night. The person making the comments isn’t a close friend and it’s none of her business how much of my money I spend. I don’t get why she thinks it’s any of her business, but if she mentions it again, I may just say something (I’ve been ignoring it).

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@Seaofclouds of course it has bugger all to do with her. You did not ask her to pay for anything, so it should NOT worry her!

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I’m bothered by all the things I really, passionately want in life. None of it seems possible to attain because I feel like the wrong person for these goals, if that makes any sense.

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@MissAnthrope makes perfect sense. However, I think one or two of those things with come your way one of these days.

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I’m kicking myself for staying up so late last night. I’m exhausted and drinking coffee this late in the afternoon! Luckily we get an extra hour of sleep tonight. I need it.

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I’m upset that I ate a whole thing of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream… oh well.

I’m also upset that some people on here are SO IGNORANT. /fumes

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i’m highly upset to find out the cooking channel and food networks, along with DIY and HGTV have been stricken from AT&T cable programming. just turned my TV on and found out the only EFFING cable channels i do watch religiously have been removed!!!

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I have my first official photoshoot tomorrow, and I didn’t workout like I should have.

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I’m upset because I found out that some well known, previously trustworthy jellies think it’s funny to deliberately trick us with fake questions just to make a point. I’m really sad.

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I am about to run out of power here in my tent so it looks like I have to say an early goodnighg y’all!

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None of my friends are around to hang around with tonight. That sucks, I’m bored as fuck lol.

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The price of gas keeps going up. @ Yarnlady Your response is way more interesting. Hmmm

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The same thing that has been upsetting me since February; the government made a mistake a while back that they now want me to pay for. It’s not my fault I played by the rules and did what I was told, so why am I being blamed?

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Cabin fever 24/7 during the weekend!

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