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Could the floating fountain illusion be made more artistic?

Asked by LostInParadise (29007points) November 13th, 2010
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This is what it looks like. You can buy kits for small versions. I trust you can figure out how it works, but it still makes for a neat illusion. I was wondering if it would work as art, maybe a public fountain with an angel that appears to be pouring water from mid air.

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Isn’t that photo of a public fountain?

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You could have anything floating (including an angel) and appearing to pour the water.

Here is a similar idea that appears more beautiful (less whimsical) than the water faucet.

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__maybe a public fountain with an angel that appears to be pouring water from mid air.__

That would be a wonderful enhancement to the replacement for the Touchdown Jesus that caught fire and burned. An extinguishing angel, or perhaps having the statue flanked by a pair of extinguishing angels, would be an nice touch.

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Here’s a punch bowl that works on the same concept. It could be made larger. I would imagine that the size of the pump needed to hide the water tubing could be a problem.

In the other hand, there’s probably some way to turn the punchbowl into a UFO, add colored lights over the tubing, and make it look like a UFO hovering over water.

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@kayak8, That link reminds me of the Casa Loca at that I visited in the long defunct Freedomland theme park in New York. The illusions were all created by tilting the floor and making it seem as if things floated upward, even though they were actually moving downward.

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right so I can’t figure out how it works…the tap one…and would like someone to enlighten me please?

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The faucet is connected to a pipe, which carries water upward. The water then spills over the pipe and covers it.

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aaaaaaah! clever! :-) thank you x

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