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What bass guitar should I get?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) November 13th, 2010
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I want to play bass guitar. The music I like is hard rock, screamo, and other music close to those genres. What would be a good beginner bass to get that is good quality?

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An Ibenez would probably be your best bet. I wouldn’t want to give you any specifics because I don’t know your personal tastes. But they make basses for those styles of music and with great prices.

I won’t guarantee quality, but cheap Ibanez’s aren’t terrible.

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Ibanez basses are mint. I had a 5-string bass for ages and never had any problems with it played mint as, even through drops, spills, etc( though probably not great to try and test this on your new bass ). After it went walking from my car I got a Washburn 6-string for about the same price ( on sale ) and that sounds pretty good for meh music genre ( music shop dudes said they made good quality average price basses).

If you do go to buy a bass try it out first make sure there are no horrible buzzes on the frets and check that the intonation is right ( or at least ask them to check it as they can fix it if it is out ). Maybe ask for them to give you a demo on it if your new ( although a lot of music shop employees are not musicians it would be worth a try )

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Reach is quite often a problem for new players, consider starting with 4 strings.
Other than that I’d recommend starting out modest because what will be holding you back in the beginning is your playing and not your instrument. @anothermember is right about checking the instrument out before buying it though. There’s flaws that can never be fixed and thus instruments you don’t want to buy.

You’ll also need an amp if you don’t have one. I’ll offer the opposite advice here, don’t go too small or cheap because it won’t last long or give you enough sound to perform anywhere.

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@Zyx my brother has an amp from when he used to play guitar. Would that work?

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@madmax303 Not very well but the plugs should be the same: so you could try it out.

Guitar amps are designed for different frequenties, so the high tones should be fine but the lower tones might crackle or blow up the speaker if you turn up the volume too much.

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@Zyx Ok thanks. I think I will look into bass amps then

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