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Does the sun going down earlier make you sleepier?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 16th, 2010
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The sun started going down here at 5:30, I felt like it was 9 and I really wanted to go to sleep. Does this happen to you too when the time changes?

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It can happen to people. Humans associate the dark with time to relax and sleep, with the sun setting earlier when you look outside you see darkness and your body starts to think bedtime.

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No, but I have been messing up my body clock for about 12–13 years now, if anything like that makes me tired it’s sunrise.

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@noelleptc For me its a reminder that I’m up too late. My problem is that I usually sleep 10 to 12 hours, but I’m usually awake for 16 to 18 hours. This means that every week or two I go from days to nights and then back again.

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@noelleptc I can’t. I just wont sleep. I need to sleep when I’m actually tired. its 1:30am, so i still have about one or two hours to go.

It all started when i was 15yo, I got a job in a night club doing the lights. So a while living at night. Then i had a job as a security guard, also working at night.

I have had jobs where i needed to wake up at 5am, and i have had others where i did not need to be at work until midnight. I also did a lot of all night parties and gaming sessions and have even gone a few days without sleep. After over a decade of that, my body clock is just a mess. I sleep when I’m tired, and that can be more or less any time. The more i try to correct the problem, the worse it tends to get.

EDIT: e.g. Last night i went to bed at 9pm, i could not sleep. I finally got to sleep at 2am and woke up at 2pm, and so now at 1:30am im not even tired.

Smoking a joint can help get me to sleep some times, but appart from that there is not much i can do.

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Because it’s at the eastern edge of a time zone, Illinois gets dark as early as possible, like 4:30 in December. Freaked me out when I first moved here. I am enjoying the light mornings, though.

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I also have that delayed sleep phase syndrome, like @poisonedantidote described. I have noticed that I feel terribly out of whack since the recent time change, yes. I can’t figure out when I’m supposed to be tired and when I’m supposed to be awake… and that was hard enough already.
It does feel waaay later than it is.

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sometimes. Depending on how bored I am.

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Yes, yes it does.

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I live in the same time zone/state that you do. I start becoming VERY tired very early when the sun first starts going away earlier. It really isn’t a problem after a while unless I think about what time it seems like. Now, however, after thinking about it I’m getting sleepy… ;oP

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I find I get more tired earlier in winter. I didn’t used to so I think I’m just getting old lol.

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Never! I welcome the Night, and I bow to her as Her slave and as Her knight, as she banishes away my fears and miseries. When the Darkness sweeps the Land, all the people, as roaches to the Light, watch as they flee, I laugh and I am filled with glee!
The stars laugh in the sky, they tell me stories, they tell me their secrets and they keep me warm.
When the black clouds cover the Moon, I rise again, I breathe in the air, I hear the whispers of the Dead and I live again.
I love the Night, and I love October and November, this time of year which gifts me with the longest nights in the world, and gifts the specters and the ghouls with life once more. My dolls come alive, the River gently dances if it does not rage with fury, the Wind from the Void gives me strength and the wise oaks, tall, strong and proud, share with me their hope, and I am left in peace in the silence of the Night, for no words are spoken, merely nude emotions dancing as maiden fae.

The Sun is my enemy, He who would smite me dead, with his superficial words, aye! that of a viper. The March of the Dead He sings, watch all you people, go about your day at work or at the mall, only to slave away your souls in the Devil’s mines, the mines in which thou doth find a rock to call your own, since you’ve naught else by which to cling! But I escape with the proud warcries of the wolf and the elegant flight of the owl, the looming shades of the trees pon’ the horizon or the gently falling snow in the Dead of Night.
I cannot sleep this hour, for tis’ my hour. This hour, I do not sleep. I shall slumber once again, when the hands of Dawn come for you.

Also, I’m usually pretty drunk at night haha. But I always feel way better at night. (This is true for way back when I wasn’t an alcoholic.) I know there’s a sleep disorder about that, it’s probably not a good thing, but I can’t really help it. Everything seems better to me at night, and I also feel way more motivated and active than I do in the day, which is making my life hard right now, what with school and work, geeh.

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Not more sleepy, but less productive. I feel energized when the sun is out and motivated to get things done. But when the sun goes dowm and it’s dark, I just want to curl up on the couch and watch tv

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Yes always.

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It doesn’t make me sleepier, I enjoy the dark hours. It does, however, stop me from wanting to go out in the evening. When it is dark I just want to pull the curtains, lock the doors and wrap myself up in my duvet! My social desires disappear when the evenings are darker, earlier.

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Me too @Leanne1986.

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