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Who is your favorite Beatle?

Asked by guitargirl93 (400points) November 17th, 2010
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Mine is George. But I love all of them! :)

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Mine (formed when I was a little girl) was Paul.

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I have always harboured a special fondness for George Harrison.

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I fell in love with George when I was 10. He had that dangerous brooding quality…sigh

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I know.

But he was maturing at the end very well.

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Paul because he is dreamy.

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Am I the only one?

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@jaytkay I love Ringo :D

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John was my fav. I cried all day when he was killed.

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@filmfann – Me too.

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Also George.

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Another vote for George.

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Any of the ones that are dead.

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John, for his humor, his strength of conviction, and his enormous talent.

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Definitely George. If nothing else, he part funded the film “Life of Brian”. That get’s my vote.

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This is one of the few questions that would benefit from an actual poll function in Fluther. not that I want to encourage it, or anything. Anyone keeping score?

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George also sponsored The Concert for Bangledesh, which is worthy of mention.
@downtide Right now, John and George are tied.

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Right now, John and George are tied.

And I am the sole Ringophile.

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