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What kind of ideas do you have for this school play costume dilemma?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23160points) November 19th, 2010
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My daughter’s school is doing a Christmas play and the kids have been assigned various things to dress up as. My daughter is one of the toys. I need to find her a “toy” costume, and vintage toys are best, something the adults can recognize.

She wants to be a sock monkey, but all I can find are infant and toddler sock monkey costumes (my daughter is 9).

I’m trying to think of toys I played with as a kid, that they might have costumes for, but I keep drawing a blank!

Can you help me think of anything we can do for her costume? It really needs to be a ready made costume, because I don’t know how to sew.

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Raggedy Ann comes to mind

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Or a lego.

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@Cruiser Oohhhh, didn’t think of Raggedy Ann. I may have to email the director to see if another child has already chosen Raggedy Ann.

@Vunessuh A lego? They make lego costumes?

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A Lego costume would be super easy. All you need is a cardboard box with a few dixe cups glued on for the posts. Then paint the whole thing your favorite Lego color.

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how about about a barbie princess? fancy dress and crown. but I like the raggedy ann idea!

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Care Bear
Strawberry Shortcake

They have ready-made costumes for these. I know they aren’t exactly vintage, but adults should recognize them and so will the kids since they are making a comeback.

Raggedy Ann is a great idea!

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I was going to say Lego, too. So easy.

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An Etch-a-Sketch would be easy, too. And certainly recognizable. Or get a white plastic tablecloth and turn her into a Twister game. Or buy a Twister game and cut down the floor part for her to wear. A Slinky would be fun, but I have no idea how you would make that.

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@jeruba. You have it figured out much better. I’ll yield the floor.

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Jack-in-the-box: cardboard box to go over the shoulders, with flap up behind the head, and then any kind of painted face—clown?—for the child; colorful paint on the outside and something that looks like a crank handle
[Edit: @Adirondackwannabe got there first while I was typing]

teddy bear

dollhouse: paint rooms on the box, as if the side were open, and put the roof on the child’s head

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No sewing required: With a large square cardboard box and paint you can make an alphabet block. Cut off the card board where the box opened to give plenty of room for leg movement. You now have a 5 sided cube. Cut holes for the child’s head in the top and arms on two sides. Paint the block white. Paint a red, green or blue line around the top and bottom borders and up the side edges. Then paint an alphabet letter the same color as the edges. in the middle of the front and back panels. Alphabet blocks are very old fashioned.

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Teddy bear
Toy soldiers, both the lead casting type and the plastic figures from the 50s and since then
GI Joe
Toy robot

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@CyanoticWasp, teddy bear: dot’s vhat I chust said.

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I should have read what you wrote. I know better than to not do that. Love the Jack-in-the-box idea.

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@Jeruba got it right. Jack in the Box. Easy, instantly recognizable, and funny.

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I still thing the old stand by of marionette puppet is also easy….coat hanger, 2 sticks and some yarn and you have a cute toy puppet!!

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Do you sew? Heres a sock monkey costume that looks easy to make. If you get gray sweats from Walmart and dye them brown, it will look like a sock monkey color.

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