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What are ways to go into labor?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) November 21st, 2010
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Sex, exercise (I walked 10 miles to have my baby before January 1st) and enema to name a few.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea, Curry, Walking up and down the stairs sideways, Sex, Waiting…

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Going out for Chinese food? I don’t know; I have no science to back me up on this but a friend of mine had two children and both times she went into labor when she and her husband were out with friends at a Chinese restaurant.

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According to an episode of Friends (which would NEVER steer me wrong…) you can try spicy food, going for a long walk, castor oil, and sex.

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@snowberry Did you want the tax break? LOL. I was born the first week of January, and my mom always said she just missed the tax break.

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@Mom2BDec2010 Are you overdue?

Pitocin is what will work, but I don’t think you want to go that route.

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Sex, walking, and there are certain pressure points that can induce labor (which is why massages and pedicures are suppose to be avoided unless you tell them you are pregnant so they can avoid those pressure points).

I was told about some kind of tea as well that was suppose to help, but I don’t remember what it was called.

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I had myvoldest daughter with castor oil. I wouldn’t recommend it, but my daughter got desperate enough to use it for 2 of her kids.
You will be pooping like crazy.

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@JLeslie Of course I wanted the tax break. Didn’t work. And I walked most of those miles in a snowstorm too. From one end of town to the other. What fun. (not). She was born at 5 pm the next day.

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@snowberry What’s this tax break you speak of?

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@papayalily You get a tax cut for each kid, and the cut off is midnight on December 31st. This means that even if your kid wasn’t born until Dec 31, you still get the full tax credit for the year. Here’s a link.

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@snowberry So then you don’t get the tax break until the next year?

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@papayalily My kid was born on January 1st at 5 pm. I had to wait a whole year for my tax break. Another possibility you can shoot for is giving birth seconds after midnight. You get lots of gifts and free stuff, but since my kids were born at home, they wouldn’t have believed me even if my kid really was the first born in the state.

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@snowberry Hahaha, you and my mom would get along great.

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I was born at noon on Dec.31. The legend of the tax break has haunted me all my life.

I delivered both my babies on schedule. Nature did most of the work. The first time I felt achy and anticipatory. I had hard labor for only an hour before delivering.

With baby number two, my water broke a few days before my due date.

Why not see what mother nature does before you try anything heroic?

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Oral or otherwise consumption of sperm. It works to thin our your cervic if it’s through the vagina but if consumed orally (I read somewhere), it works 10x faster…I forget why..but I did it the first time around…

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@gailcalled Yep, and it’s also haunted two of my children as well as myself. Gotta harass the kids about something, after all.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Any chance that was something written by a man trying to get his last blow job before the crying baby took up all of his lady’s energy?

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@papayalily LOL. I don’t know. In any case, he failed miserably because there was no way I bothered to do bjs – I told my ex to do his business in a cup, then I mixed it with cranberry juice and repeated a couple times a day.

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Bounce on a yoga ball for a couple of hours.

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