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Do you take mental vacations? Where to?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11554points) November 23rd, 2010
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Right in the middle of traffic? While cooking something in the microwave? While someone else is talking to you? Do you slip away somewhere?

I definitely do…

Where do you go?

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A moment that I want to relive, a walk on the beach, an intimate moment.

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Oh dear me, yes. But I’m not going to tell you where, because even though you can say anything here, there’s still a family atmosphere.

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I go to the nothing zone, no problems or pain. Or I just blank for a bit.

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I usually fantasize about something that is never likely to happen, either for the first time, or ever again. Being an actress, being able to sing, not being shy in crowds, having “people” who will call your people~, having another child, the butterflies and excitement of a new romance, etc.

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I sometimes just play solitaire or other computer games that allow me yo go brain dead for a while. It’s an escape when I can’t handle the real world.

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Waves lapping at my shoulders as I float on my back…

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I frequently dip my toes in insanity beach, only to once again return to the waters of reason :¬)

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Sure. A cool assed chick and I are taking a mental vacation this weekend to become pirates. Sail the seas…...find unspeakable treasures…..drink enormous amounts….and kill anyone who gets in our way! ARRRRRGGGG!

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Aye aye Capn, woe to any rich nobleman and his sluts should they cross the path of those who know to live! But hey if they wanna join us, the more the merrier, and the more booty to be ceased. :D

My places for mental vacation are really nothing interesting, I’d honestly rather speak of what I’ve seen. I saw what King sees when he visits alternate dimensions, I visited Lovecraft’s dreamworld and I’ll be damned if Pyramid Head constantly isn’t trying to kill me whenever I get bored in class or take a shower.

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Back to Tahiti… where I went this past fall. :-)

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