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How often do you check out people's profiles and why?

Asked by liminal (7766points) November 24th, 2010
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Symbeline asked this question about people’s stories (profiles).

It never dawned on me that some flutherites change up their info frequently. It has inspired me to check out people’s profiles more often and repeatedly. I like the idea of seeing what people are thinking about and how they are representing themselves (it also leaves me feeling a bit stagnant about my profile).

When you go to check out a person’s profile is there something specific you are hoping to discover? Does it inspire anything in you?

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I look at the profiles of users I am interested in when I first get to know of them. I don’t often go back except to PM someone.

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I usually go to someone’s profile to see if they’re on fluther and to PM them. i sometimes look to see if they list where they’re from if I don’t know already.

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I rarely go to peoples profiles. If I do go, it’s to leave a PM.

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I am like @marinelife. I usually only check someone’s profile when I first come across them. Now, I can “first” come across them multiple times due to my memory issues, but that’s not the point. There are two or three people whose profiles I check more often, but those are for reasons having little or nothing to do with fluther.

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I rarely go…maybe should try more often.

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The main reasons I’ll check is I want a better look at what the avatar they are using actually is, or to send a message. But some times I do take a look just to see what it says.

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I do the same thing that @poisonedantidote does.

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Often, and usually for one of a few reasons.

For one, I will check out a profile if they appear to be a hot woman in their avatar. It’s only natural ;-)

Secondly, I will look at someone’s profile if they say something unbelievably stupid or ignorant so I can try and diagnose the source of their idiocy.

Third, I will check out a profile if I suspect someone of spamming or abuse, so I can investigate their previous behaviors and figure out if I should drop the banhammer or not.

Fourth, I look a people’s profiles when they follow me.

Fifth, I do it randomly sometimes… for the lulz.

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To pm and if someone posts a new avatar, I tend to check it out.

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Frequently and just out of plain curiosity. I like to see if people represent themselves in a similar fashion to the way their answers represent them.
Sort of like the difference between a Resume self and a Performance Review.

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I go to @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s profile to look at his always-hawt avatars.

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Very rarely, to send a PM or something in their question/answers piques my curiosity.

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@rangerr, your current avatar is by far, my favorite picture of you. I seriously get all fluttery when I see it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and @rangerr
We can close these here curtains if y’all want a little privacy.

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I never look for anything specific, I’m just curious as to what’s in there, mostly.


To get a closer look at their avatars, and to find out a little more about them, especially when I try to communicate with them in PM.

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New users sometimes. Either because comments are totally great suggesting a science background for example and I’m curious which one it might be, or because comments are totally weird and it might turn out that this new user is a poet or a monk in Tibet.

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