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Is there anyone who wants to talk about Kurt Cobain?

Asked by mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe (1478points) December 11th, 2010
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So, this isn’t exactly a question, it’s more like…. I don’t know. I want to hear your opinion about Kurt Cobain. I know that many people hate him, and I don’t know why. He never hurt anyone. And of course there are other people like me who think that Kurt was an awesome person and he was a very talented musician. I still don’t know what to believe about his death -but I can’t talk to him so I’ll never know. I hope that he’s okay, wherever he is now.

So, what do you think? Tell me anything you want about him, his life, his music, his death. Say something about Nirvana if you want to. Maybe you like Kurt, maybe you hate him, and maybe some of you don’t even know him. Come on tell me.

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I was a teenager in the 90s and a Nirvana fan. I remember lying on my living room floor in tears while I watched the newscast about his passing.

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Sorry to be the resident douchenozzle, but I can’t stand Nirvana. They just never clicked with me. I bought and read his journals a long time ago and I thought they were pretty interesting. It was obvious from reading them that he dealt with some pretty severe mental issues. Ironically enough, his journals reminded me of my own at the time (I was about 13 or 14… not meant as an insult, just sayin’).

Courtney Love was a giant cuntwaffle, but I don’t think she killed Kurt. Additionally, I really don’t get why such a huge and devoted cult of personality rose up around him, but that’s just me. Just not my cup of tea.

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My older brother didn’t discover Nirvana until after Kurt Cobain had already passed away. That was back when we still shared only one desktop computer. He would wake me up very early in the morning pounding away at the keyboard with songs like “Rape Me” playing at high volume. I remember thinking the so-called music sounded like nothing but garbled noise (same goes for his Sonic Youth kicks.) I was quite the bitter younger sibling.

A few years ago, I wanted to give Nirvana another shot because Kurt Cobain became the idol of both my younger brother and cousin. I was surprised by how poetic the lyrics to many of their songs were (seriously, I never thought I would – in a million years – refer to their music as poetic.) The grunge sound grew on me, too. They aren’t my favourite band, and I don’t worship Kurt as my hero, but I am quite fond of them.

He’s a tragic figure in music history and the romantic in me feels drawn to his story.

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Simply the man was a legend in his own right, the world is a poorer place without him but so, so enriched to have had him, I just wish he could have won the emotional battle that raged inside him, I would have loved to have met him, just been his friend….. :-/

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He deserved better than Courtney Love.

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I don’t get the whole “voice of a generation” thing; amazing how I never heard any of that talk until after he was dead. I never cared for Nirvana.

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Ahh, Burt Cocaine! Don’t believe the hype basically. A classic case of an invented legacy simply because they died young. James Dean scenario only without the charisma.

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I couldn’t eat sleep or function for a week when he died…I still cry every year…he ment so much to me…I don’t believe he killed himself, I’ve looked at all the evidence, no fingerprints on the bullets or gun…Courtney Love (may she rot alive) offered $ to someone to kill him…fact, the man passed a like detector test then he ended up dead too…every day my dreams continue as she decays slowly and miserably and is a living breathing hollywood joke.

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*like detector=lie detector (sorry)

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Beautiful and ruthlessly honest. Rock & Roll at it’s harrowingly best.

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I was a huge Nirvana fan during my teens and still am. I miss the newness of the “grunge rock” when it was first becoming popular. I cried when I heard that he’d died; it was just so sad. And I love rocking out to the Nirvana songs that are on the Guitar Hero games, LOL.

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“He deserved better than Courtney Love.”

I tend to agree, but I haven’t read or heard that much about their relationship.
Do you think that she had a part in whatever drove him to suicide?

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@Brian1946 No clue as to that.

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I don’t want to sound like a a$$hole but I always considered Kurt Cobain overrated. I thought of him as a boring singer. I could never get into his songs. Don’t get me wrong he was talented and good at writing music but his singing was just boring to me. I agree with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard he just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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I’m a huge Nirvana fan. I went through a phase where it was all I wanted to listen to. I was only about 5 or 6 when he died so I can’t really comment on what his death was like to me, but it’s a tragedy when such a talent dies. Especially from such awful reasons.

To the people that didn’t understand the hype, I don’t blame you.

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I remember he hated Deadheads, and that made me very suspicious of him. I barely heard of the guy until the TV news told me that my generation’s “leader” had died. That was annoying.

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@Brian1946 their relationship was strained she was dominating and a poor mother, the process of divorce had begun when Cobain “commited suicide” I urge anyome who goes on the suicide theory to concider the fact he was concidering going solo feeling he had lost touch with the meaning of his music with the popularity to nirvana, and planned on announcing this to the public, with that in mind look at an actual copy of the suicide note mainly the handwriting in the last 3 lines….not saying its not necessarily his handwriting, but it clearly wasn’t written at the same time as the rest of this letter or under the same midset….almost as if it were written by him (which it may or may not have been) it could have been done so under diress….like…..maybe at gunpoint? Im no conspiracy theorist normally but I strongly do not believe Kurt cobain commited suicide

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Im actually watching the-VH1 100 greatest hits of the 90s and realized that when cobain died I totally stopped listening to any new music…I recognize the songs that came out after but I didn’t really pay attention to anything after 1994 musically….save smashing pumpkins melloncollie and the infinate sadness, and that was only because I was already waiting for it before…wow, i was actually more traumatized than I thought I was LOL…. well I guess everyone becomes disinterested in new music at some point

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i prefer courtly love to Courtney love.

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Okay so I spent some time last night searching/reading/thinking/talking about Kurt’s death and I’m pretty sure it was not a suicide….

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He’s my wallpaper

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I agree chemical! Check out the documentary kurt and courtney…a lot of people knock it because it was low budget and no nirvana music but it was only because Love was very evasive of the documentary maker. He offers both views and opinions of people close to them…draw your own conclusions from there, I don’t think he killed himself…on a related note if you watch the documentary take note of the guy with the track marks on his forhead that bought the gun and pushes the suicide theory…he is now quite wealthy and very successful…I looked him up assuming he would have been dead shortly after the making of the film he looked terrible and made no effort to hide it…but yah….I think he was in on it and was probably banging whorley love

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I just visited the ERP (?) in Seattle (it’s a music museum). They have a whole section devoted to Nirvana and they had Nirvana concert footage playing on a huge screen. Reminded me how much I love that era of music and how good Nirvana sounded. I think Cobain was charismatic and talented, but the lyrics to most of their songs are fairly weak. I think Pearl Jam showed a lot more depth in their lyrics. Regardless, Nirvana was a great band that propelled grunge and the Seattle music scene into the spotlight. I think if it weren’t for the heroin addiction, Cobain would probably still be with us.

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