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What is the most overrated thing in sports?

Asked by cletrans2col (2390points) December 14th, 2010
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It could be anything – traditions, food, teams, venues.

For me, it’s Brett Favre. All the incessant fawning over a guy who has caused more heartache for his teams gets too much.

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Footballer’s wages…

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The relevance of pro sports?

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You got to be kidding! Check out his record. He is certainly one the greatest that ever played the game. Don’t judge him at age 41. Three time MVP, won a Super Bowl, 297 consecutive games started, most passing yards ever, most TD passes ever, and on and on… the records are unreal.

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@BoBo1946 – there are many QBs, past and present, that are better. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino. None of those guys cost their teams in the big games in the same way that Favre has.

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It’s a tie between Newcastle United fans’ sense of the club’s importance and basketball (the most tedious game on earth)

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Also, I will add Sidney Crosby

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@cletrans2col Matter of opinion… . regardless, his record speaks for itself. Don’t compare apples with oranges. In his time, Favre was dang good. Certainly one of the all time greats. Will go into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

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Besides the importance people place on sports and its players? The overpriced food and drinks at professional games lol. Just because I’m in your not-so-awesome stadium means I have to pay 8 dollars for a beer?

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@cletrans2col Crosby is a huge whiner, but he does have good hands and he’s leading the league in scoring.

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Domed stadiums. Outdoor sports need to be played outdoors!! wussies.

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NASCAR. Here we go round the mulberry bush…yee ha! Baseball runs in a close second. Rounders baby, a game for girls! :¬)

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@cletrans2col oh yeah big talker watch this….cmon now….that’s some superhuman stuff!

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My add will have to be nascar in general….though the only sport I like is Penguins Hockey…nascar is really is a class of disgust all its own

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@deliasdancemom – what’s wrong with NASCAR? not really a fan, but interested to know.

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WWE. It’s the knuckleheads… I laugh at….feel sorry for :¬)

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Their pay scale

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Football players are (in my opinion) the most overrated people in sport and their wages make my blood boil!

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Nascar is just a bunch of drunk people of questionable genetic variations watching the vroom vroom go around in a circle over and over and over….I can’t fathom how anybody sober who wasn’t betting on it could possibly have an a IQ over 68 and still watch that….sorry nascar fans, I just don’t get it…

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Thanks to the Heidi Bowl, and the fact that so many people apparently lose their minds over a damned game, I hate ALL televised sports. If I want to watch a game, I’ll buy a damned ticket. I don’t really give a damn about the movie Heidi, but why should truly worthwhile television programs be continually interrupted just because some stupid football game runs into overtime? Actually, come to think of it, I’d much rather watch Heidi than waste time watching a bunch of dumbass millionaires try to kill each other week after week.

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Ooooh yeh WWE, people concider that a sport huh….that’s another nascar type draw….eesh

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@deliasdancemom I like NASCAR, my IQ is 125, and I change my vote. Crosby is the most overrated. Malkin carries the team.

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Awe cmon @Adirondackwannabe it wasn’t a jab just a generalized observation of many nascar fans….how can crosby be overrated now when he is leading the team, malkin has been out for quite a while….but im not gonna argue that malkin is indeed also awesome

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@deliasdancemom Just having fun. :) And I concur on the WWE.

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WWE is pretty bad….that like gymnastics for fat ugly guys….

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@cletrans2col I agree with @BoBo1946 on this. You’re unfairly judging a great quarterback by the quality of the teams he has had around him. And though I love Tom Brady to death and would marry him and have his baby if we could do that you have to admit that he has had the great good fortune to be surrounded with Belichick-engineered and coached teams and Robert Kraft as the owner of the Patriots.

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Watching them.

Sorry folks, I just don’t “get it” when it comes to religiously tracking sports teams, or for that matter getting overly worked up about the big game (whatever the sport). Sure, I like to watch the big ones from time to time like the Superbowl or the occasional bigger rival college football games, but for the most part I couldn’t care less who wins.

Sports should be about participation, not about being a spectator.

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@CyanoticWasp – I reluctanly agree with both of you :)

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@cletrans2col it’s hard to debate his many records. Also, I had the pleasure of watching him in his prime.

Having said that, Peyton and Brady will be first ballot Hall of Famers also… All three are great QB’s!

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Hockey fights. Hockey players who start throwing punches should be ejected. The game is tough enough without being punched in the face by goons.

American football in general. Rugby and Australian Rules football are played without padding and helmets, the way men should play.

The designated hitter in the American League. The National League game is so much more interesting in terms of management strategy, when to hit for the pitcher and when to leave him in, and small-ball in general.

NASCAR and WWE as ‘sport’. Really?

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Yeah it’s like the America’s Cup in sailing!

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Hockey fightsA now u have gone too far! LOL oh do I love me a good hockey fight!

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And how much they spend on arenas

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@CyanoticWasp -

I don’t mind the fights; there like when a coach gets T’d up or a baseball manager gets tossed, It’s to get the team pumped up. I love American football, but I also enjoy rugby and Aussie rules too,

As a fan of an AL team, I obviously disagree. To me, the pitcher is mostly an easy out.

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Also, with the mention of baseball I would like to add baseball umps to my list. When they make themselves a part of the game (I’m looking at you, Joe West) it gets annoying.

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@Aesthetic_Mess – I would also expand that to uber-rich owners that hold cities hostage for said arenas that lay dormant for most of the year.

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A good hockey fight is a great thing to see. Plus it helps regulate the sport. If you know you are going to get pounded it makes you a little more careful.

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all the money and politics that gets globbed into college teams vs the actual curriculum of studies.

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I’m going to go with the huge jumbotron at the Cowboy’s stadium. What a ridiculous waste of energy and resources. Plus, the Cowboys suck.

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@cletrans2col I’m also a fan of an AL team, but I think “baseball” is better in the NL because the pitcher bats for himself, even at the cost of run production. It adds so many elements to the game that the AL style misses: ‘direct retaliation’ for hit-by-pitches, for one thing, and also balancing the ‘easy out’ likelihood vs. the pitcher’s effectiveness, making the manager actually “manage” the game better. Not to mention lineup changes that can result by having the relief pitcher bat at several different places in the batting order, depending on the manager’s substitutions. The NL game is just a lot ‘smarter’ than the one played in the AL. In the AL game, the pitcher just returns to the mound inning after inning as long as he can perform adequately, and the DH routinely hits for him; it’s all so no-brained. Plus the more-frequent pitching changes in the NL mean that the progression isn’t as straightforward: starting pitcher -> setup man -> closer as it is in the AL—boring! The NL game requires using more relievers, more pinch hitters – more of the entire team.

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I think Brett Favre is overrated also. His dramatics and other questionable behavior is getting really old. He’s way past his prime and it’s time for him to retire. Oh, and then there’s the overpriced game tickets and ridiculous player salaries of pro athletes. I’m sure there’s more but nothing else immediately springs to mind right now.

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All sports are overrated.

A soldier goes to war. Dies for his country and gets a kick in the ass for it.

An athlete gets Millions for playing.

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ITT: People insult each other for liking different things.

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While I love live baseball nothing defines summer for me like the feeling I get watching the sun go down and the field lights come up as I sip my 4th $8 beer all televised sports are a waste of time. The only things I can watch are MXC, Battlebots, American Gladiators and Lumberjacking (that, for the innuendos. “He’s taking long, smooth strokes with that Beaver. That’s the mark of a true professional.”)

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Sorry, but Brett Favre is being judged here by the last three years. Not fair. You have to take his whole career into the equation. How would you like to be judged at work on one year???? He holds EVERY record in the book. Won a Super Bowl. Only player ever to win three consecutive MVP’s. Started 296 games in row… will never be broken. That is more amazing than Cal Ripken’s 2632 consecutive baseball games started. A record that will never be broken.

I’m always amazed at what the general public expect out of human beings! Just unreal.

Check this record out.

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@BoBo1946 I couldn’t agree with you more! GA!

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@Cruiser Thank you Cruse my man!

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