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Which is the best Q&A platform site for a technical but social question?

Asked by Hedaru (351points) December 24th, 2010
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1. Fluther
2. StackOverflow
3. Quora
4. Yahoo! Answers
5. Aardvark

Cool Thanks,

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Well, we may be slightly prejudiced, but we think Fluther.

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Why don’t you just ask the same actual question on all sites, and judge for yourself? Establish a criteria for what you think makes a good answer and rate the responses from each site. Asking users on each site which site they think is best, is only going to get a response of that site, which renders the question moot.

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I really don’t have the foggiest! Hmmm, let me see….

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Thanks everyone, for choosing Fluther :)

@BarnacleBill – I will. Thanks for your suggestion. But how about you?

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@Hedaru you are welcome, and also, welcome to Fluther!

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@BoBo1946 – Thanks!
and for @BarnacleBill, I think they will answer with the same style like this.
Choose their current used platform :)

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Fluther has a huge variety of people, and there are plenty who are seriously into technology. There’s also the “discussion” element here, and people interact and there are several responses from several people to each question.

Aardvark throws out the community concept entirely by simply seeking a single person who will most likely be able to answer your question.

Quora seems a bit similar to Fluther, but it does seem to be a very serious, general site (only looked at one question about sushi, so I might be wrong). Unhelpful answers are “downvoted” and are collapsed out of view until you expand them manually (I like that concept somehow).

StackOverflow appears to be very social. However, this is basically a Wikipedia Q&A. From the FAQ:
“Other people can edit my stuff?!

Like Wikipedia, this site is collaboratively edited, and all edits are tracked. If you are not comfortable with the idea of your questions and answers being edited by other trusted users, this may not be the site for you.”


And Yahoo… Why did you even put that as an option? xD

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@Fred931 – Thanks for the great feedback.
Yeah, my most favorite one is the separation between the type of question. Moreover, there isn’t much restricted guidelines, timed editable words. Better UI to use. No downvoting. And for the best, the moderators are really on the way. My report to flagged answer is responded almost immediately. Not so worry since I came here about edited question or answer by the trusted users, as long as they are really trusted, highly trusted.

And Yahoo… I just give it a chance :D
It’s because of the number of community members in there.

I feel so comfortable in here. Thanks for the warm welcome. But I just found some high reputation users were posted some useless answer.

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@Hedaru Meta guidelines are about as slack as Social, meaning we have the right to be funny. Sorry we don’t offer an option between social and general guidelines for this category.

Of course, Fluther is still the bomb.

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Here are the top 5 that immediately spring to mind:

1. Fluther
2. Fluther
3. Fluther
4. Fluther
5. Fluther

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@Hedaru ^ See? We are being silly, but we’re also right.

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@Fred931 – Yeah, well, yeah. That’s good, something I can’t find outside this ocean.
@Bluefreedom – 1 super-multi-duplicated-five-times option. I choose 6.

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@Hedaru But 6 is also Fluther.

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@Fred931ZERO. How about that? :)

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@Hedaru You could use the computer’s idea of 0, which means you have selected 1. PWNED

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@Fred931 – Hey, this is endless. POW

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@Hedaru Actually, it does have an end, since you just ran out of arguments! lol

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@Fred931 – Haha. Really, get back to the topic ;)

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@Hedaru But we already finished that. Fluther won.

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@Fred931 – Hm, I think I should invite some StackOverflow geeks, Quora guys, and wild Aardvarks here. :D (no, seriously)

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@Hedaru The Stack guys will overload my head (right before they try to change my answers), the Quora guys will think that this is silly and leave, and the Aardvarks will be confused why so many people answered a single question.

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@Fred931 – Haha, (calm down for a little bit). Yeah, that’s all true. SO just too serious, Q just too smart, and A just too wild. [I don’t want to say the brand directly again :)]

I discovered Fluther is all better. Let see what I get for next week.

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The forum at ARS is pretty good. It is a nerd party over there. It is where I ask tech questions since Fluther in my experience isn’t good at them. There are a lot of very wrong answers here.

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@world_hello – Oh, I missed it. Yeah, something cool happening inside there. Unfortunately, it still using the old way forum model.
(not so old actually, but kind of previous model)

I think so, Fluther isn’t the best place to ask about Technology, Computer, Code, Programming, and so on. It’s all in StackOverflow.
Fluther needs more Moderator to get rid off the really-very-super-wrong-answers

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@Hedaru Please flag a wrong answer when you see it so the moderators will be able to find it and remove it. You can help make Fluther a better place.

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Yes, plus we have kick-ass mods, and moderation happens rather quickly, within 30 seconds, sometimes.

Also remember that Social questions, in a sense, allow for “wrong” answers. General does not, and the overwatch is appropriately stricter.

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@YARNLADY – Yes I was. But seems there will be a debate if someone asking/bashing me why his/her post is flagged. How to face it? I will do it.

@Fred931 – Yeah, I’ve counted that. Okay, so I get a Flag weapon outside the Social section, right? How about in Meta?

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@Hedaru No protection in Meta. Unless it’s someone saying “UR MOTHR IZ A F4GT G0 2 HE1L N0OOB”

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@Fred931 – Roger that.

Okay for something else, does Fluther guidelines updated regularly?

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The only recent major changes (and by that, I mean the ones I can remember) happened a few months back – Actually, maybe even before last Christmas; They got a major revision after the Fluther staff divided regular questions into General and Social. That’s the last important update, as it really changed the feel of Fluther and even made a few people mad.

As you can see, Fluther still works.

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@Fred931 – So that was happened. It’s really a high-major change for Fluther.

Yes, Fluther still floats above the ocean.

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Stack overflow. Their community wiki marked questions are awesome.

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@senthilkumar – Absolutely.

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