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Can you help me find a reputable music download site for my childrens' MP3 players?

Asked by diavolobella (7930points) December 25th, 2010
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I got each of my two children an MP3 player for Christmas, but I truthfully don’t know much about how they work. I know I need to find a reputable site to join from which they can download music, but it’s all so confusing. A disk for a free trial from Rhapsody came with the players, but when I installed the software and went to the site, it charged me for the song we downloaded. So, how is that a free trial? I’m wondering if they charge a monthly fee just to be a member and then charge again for each song or something. I’m confused. I’d prefer to find a site where I just pay a flat rate for unlimited downloads because otherwise the kids may run up a pretty large sum. Can anyone recommend a site that is easy to use and reasonably priced?

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As far as I know, there are no sites that you can just pay a flat rate for unlimited downloads. If there is such a site, then I personally believe that’s a horrible business model. I couldn’t possibly see how a site could come out ahead in the end – but then again, there are some pretty wacky things out there….

WITH THAT SAID…. is a great site. You can listen to full length versions of the songs for free and if you like one you can buy it for download through either amazon or itunes (you can choose). So you’re actually buying the song through amazon but i recommend GrooveShark as a great way to sample and navigate the songs (As amazon kind of makes it difficult i think)

it would help to know the mp3 player you have,

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@DrewJ I guess what I mean is a flat monthly rate. Every site I’ve visited quotes a monthly rate. Rhapsody offered me a free one month trial with unlimited downloads and then $14.99 a month thereafter, so I assumed thereafter meant continued unlimited downloads for that flat rate. If the $14.99 a month doesn’t pay for any downloads, I’m confused as to what I’m paying for. The privilege of simply being a member? Um, no thanks. Is that how they all work – i.e. charge you every month just for having a membership and then you pay for each download in addition?
The player I bought them is a SanDisk Sansa Clip 8GB

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itunes. Free downloads = virus

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@Trillian Doesn’t itunes only work for Ipods? Also, I could still use an explanation of how the membership works. Am I going to be stuck paying a membership fee and receiving nothing in return other than the privilege of joining their site? If I have to pay per download, I’d rather find a site that doesn’t charge me a useless membership fee.

This is SO confusing.

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Sorry. I dl itunes to burn on disc. Stay away from limewire. My kids could give you better details, but I would assume that the monthly rate covers all dl’s.

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Okay, I’m liking Grooveshark. I didn’t have to download anything and if I want to buy a song, it takes me to Amazon and I just pay for that song. No fees to be a member. Thanks very much @DrewJ. This looks like a site I can use and understand

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If they have iPods, they have to use iTunes to get the songs onto the player. If it’s not an iPod, then they can use iTunes to buy and organize their music, but not to transfer it onto the player. What player did you get them? It probably has it’s own computer software for transferring and organizing music.
I myself like Amazon for purchasing music – it’s easy to buy, easy to download, and the lack of DRM makes it particularly appealing to me, especially if I want to play it on more than one computer/cd/player.

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@papayalily The name of the player I got them is further up the thread. I like Amazon too, so I’m going to buy from them through the Grooveshark site DrewJ suggested.

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@diavolobella glad I can help. Checking my answer as “great answer” would be cool :)

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re: iTunes – The Sansa Clip does not play iTunes’ AAC files. iTunes will convert AAC to MP3, but I think most people will not want to fuss with that.

On the plus side, iTunes songs are now DRM free, they fixed that in 2009.

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I have used iTunes to put music on all sorts of generic mp3 players. Never had one that wouldn’t accept the file as is. But if yours will not, then @jaytkay says, iTunes will convert. If you go to the iTunes store, accessible by a tab within the iTunes program (which by the way is free from the website) you can purchase music by the song or by the album. There are numerous sites where you can purchase music. If you want to download without paying, then you run the risk of virus and other nasties. Remember you can also put your own cd’s onto your computer and then onto mp3 players.

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Soulseek is free and is worth a look. I have never been troubled by viruses when using it.

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Take a look at amazon’s mp3 downloads. They have lots of free and inexpensive music. Here’s a list of sites associated with Creative Commons

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