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Who Is This singer/songwriter/author/artist? Who I Am.

Asked by beccalynnx (459points) December 25th, 2010
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I’m sorry in advance, I don’t have much info, and am very desparate.
I’m looking for an album/name of an artist. I’m pretty sure the album was called Who I Am, or atleast that’s the name of one of the songs on the album. This album must be almost 10 years old if not more, i remember receiving it about 10 years ago. She is/was a christian, some of her songs were religious. Most were acoustic/soft rock, some with electric guitar and slightly rockier songs. I want to say her name a joy or joyce, but I may be completely wrong. She plays guitar and sings, and piano too. On this album there were about 7 or more songs.
One was about Mary, mother mary.
I also had a DIY craft book by her (or someone with the same name) , very unique crafts, including how to make paper mache newspaper bowls, catnip toys, dapper dog collars, tin can night lights, and dashboard shrines. the book was a shiny bluish color – notebook bound style.
Thank you so much for your help. I super appreciate it.
And I apologize again for being so vague. this is all the info I can remember.

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Jessica Andrews?

The books sounds like Retro Revamp which has the dapper dog collars and the dashboard shrines.

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Here is Jessica Andrews performing the song “Who I Am”.

“Who I Am is the second album of country music singer Jessica Andrews, released on February 27, 2001. ”—Wikipedia

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@BarnacleBill I am eternally grateful!
Retro Revamp, By jennifer knapp! Thank you!
I am so extremely psyched if you couldn’t tell ;)

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The dashboard shrines are intriguing. It sounds like a great book. In looking up dashboard shrines on, someone in 2005 mentioned that Jennifer Knapp, the author of the book, is also a Christian music recording artist.

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The album would be The Way I Am; and the song is “Sing Mary Sing.”

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There is an Alan Jackson album called Who I Am but the description says it is a girl lol

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