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What is the ending in the movie Inception?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) December 29th, 2010
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The first time I watched Inception, it was completely and utterly amazing. The ending however was left as a cliffhanger with many, many questions unanswered.(Still an amazing movie though.) So my question to you, is what is your opinion on what happens at the end?

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the spinny thing (want to call it a top) falls over. of course!

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I like to think that the top fell, and that the protagonist didn’t, indeed, decide to go live in some dream illusion. It was about to fall over, then it got cut off…so it’s safe to say he got shit right and went back to the real world…but I can’t help to wonder why it got cut off as it was about to fall?

Probably just some asinine Hollywood bullshit scheme to make the viewer ’‘think’’. So I’m biased and in my mind it fell over, because I cannot abide by this lame cliff hanger, not when it comes from a movie that disguises itself as intelligent and thought provoking but uses that premise no further than just presenting your every day action film. Sorry fans, flame away.

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It was ALL a dream until Cobb woke up on the plane at the end. The movie’s first scene was the start of the dream, and it continued until he woke up in the plane at the end. The lines from the end were:

Caine: Have a nice flight then?
DiCaprio: Yeah, but I had this crazy dream. How are the kids?
Caine: Fine, just fine. Let’s go see them

the answer was never the top. Nolan did a great job making us focus on the top, but the truth was to focus on the background, in other words, the children. The kids are wearing different clothes in the end. Very slight and subtle differences but its quite noticeable once you focus on that. Throughout the movie, the girl wears a pink/peachy dress that has sleeves. In the end she is wearing a very similar dress but the difference is that the dress does not have sleeves and she is wearing a white undershirt. The boy’s shirt is different too

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I like to think the top fell over, I would like to think that. However, the last few minutes were filmed in such a surreal, dreamy way that it could’ve been a dream too.
@Symbeline I agree that Inception was a little hyped, but I thought it was a pretty smart film…although Memento was more thought-provoking than Inception, I thought

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@Joker94 Yeah man, I loved it. But in the end I was disappointed that the whole dream stuff didn’t go anywhere beyond just orchestrating stuff we’ve all seen before.

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My opinion is that it doesn’t matter whether the top fell or not. It was never Cobb’s totem so was never an indication of his own dreaming or waking state. Cobb’s totem was his wedding ring. Watch to see when he’s wearing it and when he isn’t. There’s a clear shot of his hand at the end that answers the question.

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@Blueroses is right. Cobb doesn’t have his ring on at the end of the movie, he was awake. I’m pretty sure Nolan has confirmed this.

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Oh man, now I need to go watch it again….

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@Symbeline You’re right on the money :I I was really hoping Inception wouldn’t join the pantheon of movies and shows that pulled a Wizard of Oz ending

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I watched it for the first time on Christmas day with my family. It was so confusing! I am definitely going to watch it again and look for the “all a dream” aspect.

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