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Potluck challenge: can you think of a take-along dish that meets all these criteria?

For a New Year’s Day (afternoon) open-house potluck buffet, I’d like to take something that meets every one of these criteria. Yes, all of them. Can you think of anything that does?—and provide a recipe if it isn’t self-evident?

•  Looks and is “made,” meaning assembled to a recipe (doesn’t look like it came straight out of a box, package, or deli section).

•  Is easy to make (not a whole lot of fussing).

•  Uses ingredients I can get at an ordinary supermarket (not a specialty shop or fancy grocery), and not too many of them.

•  Is easy to transport (won’t self-destruct riding in the car, doesn’t require a specially molded carrying box; this lets out deviled eggs, for instance).

•  Can be served cold (will survive a 45-minute drive, doesn’t require use of the host’s oven or microwave).

•  Is delicious (subjective, of course, but I thought I’d throw that in).

Bonus points if it’s a finger food that is not too messy.

Oh, and preferably not sweet.

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