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Would you like to see more global warming, it cannot be that bad?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26843points) January 6th, 2011
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I say global warming bring it on, who would be with me? I can totally dig a winter where I can spend 30% of it in just long sleeves and not be bogged down in a jacket, have to have gloves or see frost or worse on the ground. Would it really bother you to have it rain only 6 times total the whole winter? So long as we had the snow pack and develop desalination plants to keep the fresh water coming what would be so bad about global warming? Mini weather is better than mitten weather anyhow.

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Have you been smoking chronic tonight?

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Sure, sounds good hey! but when the ice does melt and stops the gulf stream current in the atlantic…. BAM! your shits all fucked up with super chill…... Massive ice cream headache.

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I think questions like this are why they started calling it Global Climate Change instead.

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@lapilofu Aw, damn. I was going to say “GA” to you, before you even posted your answer. But I was thwarted, you were just too fast.

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I just depends on where you live, and what you like. It would be sort of fun to wear tee shirts and flip flops in February. But I suppose you would have to sell your place on the Keys or Martha’s Vineyard before it wound up under water. Can’t have everything I guess.

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Would it really bother you to have it rain only 6 times total the whole winter?
It will bother farmers and people who eat, you know, food

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Of course the whole effect of higher temperatures worldwide would kill off several species, and effect the food chain. That would be a bummer.

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If global warming were like turning a thermostat up, where the environment was not effected we just got more comfortable, then sure.

However, considering that it works massively differently, I would prefer the earth be the one regulating the temperature for the most part…not us.

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Storms are strengthening.

Water levels are rising. In Florida, endangering the fresh water aquifer that the whole state depends on.

The impact on the environment and the Earth as a whole will be unimaginably bad.

You really think it is worth that so you can enjoy short sleeve shirt weather?

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Such a day for the questions No. What about the homeless? What about older people living alone?
Where I live, several old people have died this winter due to slipping on ice, etc. We’re not so used to harsh winters. A huge number of people have had their homes flooded due to burst pipes when thawing, etc.Huge surge in the number of crashes.

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I think all those displaced Bangladeshis (and Floridians) might take issue with this.

Besides, you’re taking a simplistic view of the issue. We had a cold snap here in Chicagoland last month that was due to unusually warm air over Labrador and Greenland. Global warming doesn’t mean milder winters for everyone; on the contrary, it is likely to make for snowier winters and generally more active weather anywhere in the temperate zones.

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As has been said, the name “global warming” is a bit misleading. The term refers to an upward trend in the average temperature of Earth’s near-surface air and oceans, but the trend is neither a straight line increase nor a straightforwardly upward shift in temperatures on the ground. The theory of global climate change predicts that storms will become more severe (though not necessarily more frequent) and that seasonal changes will be effected. Thus in many places, the winters are actually expected to become colder.

No, thanks.

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I do hope this isn’t a serious question. It shows a profound lack of understanding of global climate change as well as unbelievable selfishness about the realities of what it entails.

Mass extinctions, flooding, starvation, tsunamis, storms, wildfires and the like aren’t worth you getting to be in your shirtsleeves in the winter.

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NO! Don’t even think about wishing for that. I love my long cold winter.

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I’m not sure any ‘warming’ has taken place in Britain yet – we’ve had an extremely cold winter so far, and it has hardly started! Last year was also another snowy season!
Have to say that I would much rather slightly milder and rainy, as the snow has proved a major problem on our roads!!

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@nellybar Again, cold winters in some places are predicted by the theory of global climate change (aka “global warming”). And Britain is one of the places where the weather is predicted to get more extreme (colder winters, hotter summers).

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Global warming, er—global climate change, er—anthropogenic climate change, er global climate disruption is a smokescreen argument to divert attention from weather and tectonic modification technologies.

What I would like is to look at some naturally formed clouds for a change instead of chemtrail-induced haze.

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Your argument adds depth to the potential problems – but I wouldn’t claim that it’s a smokescreen so much as a parallel issue.

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If you like the idea of all the Earth’s coastal cities and plains being flooded, wild extremes of weather including massive flooding like Australia is currently experiencing and like Pakistan had earlier, droughts and heat like Russia had getting worse till mass starvation is commonplace; then you are going to love the coming years of global warming.

The science of it is settled. It is quite real. But it isn’t just the fossil fuel industry that has a multi-trillion dollar incentive to deny that. It is every business that uses massive amounts of energy and produces unnecessary pollution and many of us who work for such industries. As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

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@SavoirFaire I sort of knew that already, but for some reason decided to dismiss it and answered the idea of it ever getting warmer…I must have had brain freeze…

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@nellybar No worries. I’d love it, too, if we could just turn up the thermostat during the winter.

And let’s start calling brain freezes “mental cooling” or “mental climate change.” Those sound way better!

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Depends on where you live. You would have to live more than 30’ higher than current sea level when all of the ice caps/glaciers have melted.

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