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Ten years from now, will anyone read what we write now?

Asked by wundayatta (58730points) January 6th, 2011
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So, assuming fluther lasts ten years, do you think anyone will be reading through old threads? And if they do, do you think they will add onto the conversation (assuming the thread hasn’t been closed)? Would you add onto a conversation that had been held years ago? Maybe hoping for new people to come talk with you?

I’d like to imagine that people would come back and read what we write and talk back to us, even if we are long gone. Wouldn’t it be cool if this stuff was around in a century and people were still reading it?

But for that to happen, fluther would have to survive, and for fluther to survive, there would have to be people to champion it over the decades. It’s hard to imagine that would happen. I hope it does, though.

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I read threads from the beginning, but I don’t often add stuff. However, I’ll polish your armor for you, Sir Wundayatta, Knight of the Emergent Man, Champion of the Jellies!

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Now, now, @JilltheTooth. You know I’m a man of peace. What for do I need armor? Now if was amore you were polishing, we’d be telling an entirely different story.

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Tee Hee

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I’m wondering if anyone will be reading 10 years from now…

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I plan to be reading, @Austinlad , you?

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@JilltheTooth As long as my eyesight holds out…...

I’m wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming that there will be better things to read in 10 years than old Fluther questions. (Pride and Prejudice for the gazzilionth time comes to mind.)

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@janbb ; good point…

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sifting through 10 yeas of questions would be a challenge….

millions and millions and millions of answers

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You bet, @JilltheTooth—just a little more slowly. ;-)

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And with stronger glasses…

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No, you’re all wrong, we’ll all be communicating telepathically. After milliseconds of thought after asking a question, someone else will give us the answer subconsciously through the Internet.

Or some crap like that.

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I definitely believe so!

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I think some of us are giving answers subconsciously already.

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I don’t think fluther will last 10 years, but if anyone does read our posts in the future in will probably be due to their searching a particular topic or searching specifically for fluther and ending up on the “internet archive”, ending up on the wayback machine.

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Yes, the answers go to the Google, and when anyone types in a question, it will show up there until the end of time.

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They fuckin’ better, or that’s my boot up their ass!

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I like your attitude, @Symbeline!

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Don’t think I won’t do it, either. :)

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Sure, why not?

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God, I hope not. Time tends to make me see some things differently as I become more informed. I know I will look back at some things, and shake my head at how naive I was.

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Rest assured that if one of us ends up running for president, everything ever posted by them, will surface.

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People still read answers to questions posed on (don’t bother clicking on it – it doesn’t exist anymore), but there is an archive somewhere I think on yahoo maybe? In fact, that is how I found my way here – just Googling question & answer communities and this one was recommended as one of the best. I have to agree, I think that was spot-on!

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Sorry, friend. No.

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Everything on Yahoo!Answers from the very first question up to the present day is available on their Search box, right on every page. Does anyone use it? NO.

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