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Where were you born, in a hospital at home or maybe en route, somewhere in-between?

Asked by ucme (50037points) January 7th, 2011
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Simple question with a singular motive, that being unadulterated nosiness! So yeah, which location heralded your arrival into the world? Actually, the name of the hospital & perhaps even the city or town would also be good. I myself was born in a very small purpose built maternity hospital not two miles from where I now live.

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I was brought into this world by Dr. Jones at Sunrise Memorial Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada almost 44 years ago.

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Hospital (in the afternoon, I believe). On Mother’s Day. :)

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Hospital in South Korea near Seoul. Took nearly two days to get this month overdue parasitic (depleted enough calcium from my mom to cause two of her teeth to disintegrate and practically guarantee she’ll develop osteoporosis later in life) fatso (9.8 lb) out

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A hospital out on the lone prairie where the deer and the antelope play. That’s a song of course. They don’t play in the hospital.

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Hospital in Syracuse, NY. Don’t remember the time.

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Hospital in Catskill, NY, which is no longer in operation. The doctor was Paul Snapper, who died a few years ago. (Now I feel old.)

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I was born in a hospital that is now a restaurant and a bed and breakfast. Yeah, it was that small.

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I was born in a hospital in Tyler, TX, a tiny country town in those days and not much bigger now. My mother used to tell the story that as she was going into final labor, she heard cows mooing outside her window, and in a burst of her unique brand of humor, she told the nurse her milk must have been ready for me. :-)

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Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

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I was born in a 2 room hospital/clinic in Anacortes, Washington.

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I was born at Sudbury General Hospital (later renamed St. Joseph’s Health Centre or something like that, and later closed) in Sudbury, Ontario. I was 6 weeks early, and my mom was washing the car in the driveway when she went into labour. My dad had fallen off the roof a few days before, so his back was aching and he was laid up on the couch. I was only 4.5lbs, and had to hang out in an incubator for 10 days before I was big enough to go home. Luckily, the hospital was only a five-minute walk from our house, so my mom would walk down to the hospital a couple of times a day to feed me and stuff.

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St. Mary’s in Carson City, NV. I was born with a strawberry hematoma on my head the size of a baseball!

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Thank you “jellie babies!” There’s an awful din in here though & what’s that smell too? :¬(

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For years, i was told that i was born on the backseat of a Greyhound bus, enroute to Memphis. i went along with this tall tale for many years. i played my family’s silly game. one day, i went to my state’s record division and paid for a certified copy of my birth certificate.

Now, the truth is out. it was not a Greyhound bus at all, it was a Trailways bus.

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@john65pennington did they tell you it was rolling down highway forty-one? It does seem like you’re trying to make a living and doing the best you can….

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I was born in a hospital in Portsmouth but my brother was very nearly born on the ferry between Dartmouth and Torquay!

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A hospital a whole hour away from my house.

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I was born in a hospital in Delaware.

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Aboard a spaceship in the middle of the Quarxxon galaxy.

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I was born on a nasty green couch in a little house amongst the back roads of a little backwoods, hillbilly town called Mountain View in Arkansas. There was an ice storm while my mom, my aunt and my uncle were visiting a friend and they couldn’t get out of the dirt road driveway.

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In a small hospital.

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West Bay Nursing Home, Broughty Ferry. I don’t remember much about it.

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I was born in St Mary’s Hospital, Kettering, which in it’s earlier guise as a Victorian workhouse was where Oliver Twist was supposedly born.

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I was born at home.

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My family lived in a small town on the outskirts of a big city, but the town itself didn’t have a hospital. So the parental units had to drive over to the nearest dinky town that did have a hospital so I could be born there. I officially came into this life at 12:32 on the day that daylight savings time ended for the spring, which I always thought was sort of funky. Oh, there was also an intense thunder/lightning storm, so I’ve been told.

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I actually know somebody who had their baby a couple weeks ago in the tub at home because they didn’t have time to get to the hospital. I was amazed when I heard about that.

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I was born on a gurney just inside the door of the hospital.

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I was born at the hospital on a military base in Japan.

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I was born in a hospital in Tyler, TX, a tiny country town in those days and not much bigger now.”
WHAAAAT?? AL, I live ten miles from downtown tyler and it has well over 100K people !
Anyhow, back to the Q. I was born in a hospital in New Jersey in what was then a very small town and is now a crime infested slum: Camden NJ, one of the top 3 most corrupt towns in America! Delivered by Dr William J Browning who came to our house whenever I was sick. Amaaaazing.
tiny town, yeah sure; have you been on the Loop lately? lol

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My most humble apologies, @Aster, didn’t mean to insult your town. I was 5 months when I left and haven’t been back in decades, so you can forgive me for not knowing much about the place.

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