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Can moving make you lose yourself? If so, how can you get yourself back?

Asked by ezamine (127points) January 7th, 2011
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I moved to Georgia a couple years ago and my cousin says that the longer that I’m here, I lose myself more and more. Can moving make you lose yourself? If so, how can I get myself back?

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It depends on your environment your social life. If the people you live around are exactly the same as the ones from your previous residence then it no problem. You def change and it can be good or bad. Everyone takes a little piece of something from where they’ve been. People are very impressionable. Just remember who you are and change things that you want. I’ve come a long way from timid to speaking my mind, yet knowing when to shut my mouth! I used to be a full blown pushover and now I’m not and I’m glad! :D

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My point was that I couldn’t tell I was different. I forgot who I used to be, and once he pointed it out, I didn’t like whom I had become.My cousin said I’m doing a little better… The way he put it was that my pinki was back to normal. Yea nice to know he still makes no sence to me.

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LOL yea so you are gradually turning back….. The point is if you are happy with who you’ve become then forget what they say and be true to yourself. Act the way you want and live the life that want. Just remember to be responsible for your actions!!

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Being responsible is not that easy for me but thanks for the advice!

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I was a timid/shy person, but with meeting new ppl it opened me up for the better! I’m no longer a pushover! Just think thru before you do anything. If you should question it, then stick with your instincts! Its usually right!

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Yes, moving can change you but growing up can also change you. Fact is I moved a lot and yes at times it changed me, but only because I was in a different enviroment and one must adapt. I find however I remained true to my sence of values. Other things changed me as well. Getting married and having children, and going from dependent to independent. Its not always about the move. Its called living. We all adapt or we don’t grow as a person. Don’t go backwards unless you are becoming someone loathesome and you was a really great person before. Then you may want to step back and re-evaluate your values and start from scratch. Get new friends that share your values. Some people never grow and don’t know what to do when they see their friends growing and growing away from them. Make sure their evaluation of you isn’t coming from a selfish place on their part.
When I met my husband he would always bend over backwards for his friends. When he married a lot of them pointed out that he has changed. He was still the same great guy but he didn’t care when they took him for granted when they where all he had. But once he had me in his life, he didn’t have to put up with their selfish behavior. They always needed favors but the moment he needed them for something they were never, ever available.
So he didn’t become someone worse, he simply stopped being their doormat.

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