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Who's hot in the world of stand-up comedy these days?

Asked by peedub (8708points) April 10th, 2008
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I’m a huge fan of stand up comedy and I need to feed the addiction. I ask people that are in the know but always forget to write the recommendations down. As I am looking for new material, I will list comedians I am already acquainted with: Jim Gaffigan, Dane Cook, David Cross, Todd Berry, Zach Galifianakis, and Mitch Hedberg.
The more absurd the better. Skit-comedy is acceptable. and British comedians are definitely welcome suggestions.

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Lewis Black is funny, as is Margaret Cho

And Stephen Lynch is a singing comedian… Think Adam Sandler-esqe

Eddie Izzard is also pretty hilarious…

I’m sure there’s quite a few more

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2 words: George Carlin

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My fav… always… I’d have to agree… would be G.C.

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sarah Silverman

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Dennis Leary is funny, but you have to take him with a grain of salt. His comedy is angry like Lewis Blacks. Steven Wright is funny in a very odd way. George carlin is also my favorite. Jeff Dunham is pretty good too. I love his characters Peanut and Walter!

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lewis black is the only one that makes me laugh

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@theredjawa- she is great and also a good example of the weirdness I like in some of the new, young comedians.

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Eddie izzard is by far my favorite.

(He’s not only funny, but an excellent actor)

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Cool, thanks. I’m excited, I’ve never even heard of him.

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You must check out Louis C.K. If you ask all the big time comedians “Who’s the best in the business?”, the answer is always an emphatic “Louis C.K.” Go to youtube and watch clips from his HBO special ‘Shameless’

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I’m gonna second Louis C.K.

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I cant believe no one has mentioned Bill Hicks.
He was the absolute best.

“I dont understand why Christians wear a cross around their necks. Ya think when Jesus comes back, he wants to see a f’in cross?? Thats like walking up to Jackie Onassis with a rifle pendant around your neck.” Bill Hicks

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No, I love him. I was thinking up an coming. Thanks, though, I’m going to listen to him right now.

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hello p! i agree with lewis black. he kills me. also, kat williams but they are totally different.

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Hey, what’s up?

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Pablo Francisco! He does the most amazing impression of the guy who does the movie preview voiceovers. Also, good stand-up.

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ever since peter kay retired i never really followed stand up. until my friend told me about lee evans, i think you should definatly check him out on youtube. to get right into his stuff type in…lee evans zoe n pedro, or maybe zoe and pedro im not to sure. but trust me, you’ll love him, (he’s british also)

hope i helped


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In the UK Noel Fielding and Russell Brand are pretty hot, as is Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran.

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Bill Bailey for sure. Personally I think Ricky Gervais (politics especially) is hilarious, but he’s not everyone’s taste. For a bit of Irish, Tommy Tiernan’s good, although his older stuff’s best.

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He’s not really new, but I like Billy Connolly

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George Lopez is funny

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David Crowe. Chelsea Handler. Whose Line is it Anyway guys.
hire a comedian

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i think sarah silverman is hilarious.

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Well, I would have to say Demetri Martin.

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