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What to do at Comic-Con?

Asked by starboyg (201points) January 25th, 2011
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I’m contemplating taking a road trip and going with a friend to comic con this summer. I’m into movies and some games, although not a lot of comics. What will/should I be looking forward to at comic con? And what comics might you recommend to get me into them?

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A comic con has less to do with comics and more to do with a never-before-seen experience. Imagine your traditional trade show, with costumes. Visit the previous Comic Con sites to see what I mean.

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Chat with the comic-book writers. They might drop some hints on upcoming plots and projects.

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Comic-con is barely about comics anymore. It has expanded to fit the entire nerd sphere of interests. Computers, gaming, books (including comics), sci-fi TV/movies, just about anything from the internet… If anyone has ever told you that your hobby is nerdy, then that hobby will almost certainly be represented at Comic-Con.

Make sure you get the tickets as soon as they become available. They WILL sell out very fast. Right now all we know is that they’ll be selling more by the end of this month.

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hit on the few women there… and make friendships with other people

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1) Have an artist/writer autograph a comic they never worked on
2) Have an artist/writer autograph something, then look at it and say, “Oh, I thought you were Stan Lee” regardless of their age or gender
3) Make your own ‘stick figure’ comics and bring them and ask everyone to read them so you can get your “big break”
4) Hit on Jo Chen, Kim Harrison, Joelle Jones, or Sergio Aragones in the hopes of riding the gravy train for the rest of your life

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Go out the door of the Convention Center and explore the Gaslamp Quarter- in costume.

For us locals, ComicCon provides a great opportunity to people-watch.

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A few of tips I’d like to share:

Don’t take/buy anything on day one, so you can be free to walk around and look at everything without having to carry a bag all day. (unless you know that item is a ‘limited quantity’)

Standing in line for an event/screening for SEVERAL hours prior to it, is not uncommon, make sure it is something you really want to see since you could be spending that time walking the floor.

Cash, have cash.

and last but not least, please take a shower. This isn’t meant to be insulting, but there are way too many people who smell there, please don’t be one of them.

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Take pictures.

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