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How much college debt did you graduate with ?

Asked by college (6points) April 13th, 2008
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PS. if you are answer is zero, don’t say it because its going to make me feel bad.

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My debt will be somewhere near 100k when I’m finished.

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@peedub: just for your undergrad degree ? also how did you get so much loan ?

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I don’t know how much I’ll owe yet, but I’m not looking forward to finding out. =\

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No, much of that is towards a J.D. It’s fairly easy to get education loans from the government. See a financial aid officer at your prospective school.

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Under 5K.

I went to a community college for the first two years and had about $2,000 in loans from that. I got Financial Aid and did work study. At the University I also got Financial Aid but I didn’t do work study.

I was over 24 when I started going full-time so I didn’t have to report my parents income to financial aid.

Luckily it is all paid off now. I didn’t have any financial assistance from my family while I was in school.

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around $60k

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Around $50k

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$60k, just for undergrad

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@qd kimble, glial and russellsouza: what kind of loans did you guys get ?

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Let’s just say it’s my ‘second mortgage’.

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Have you thought about applying for merit scholarships? In addition to any that your school offers, many organizations and companies also offer them.

Here’s a good link about merit scholarships:

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Sorry to make you mad but I paid as I went. Worked 7 jobs at one point but I did it! Debt at graduation was $0.

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I’m at $40k right now and will be at more than $100k by the time I’m done with undergrad. Yippee… I got all my loans through Sallie Mae, although I did apply directly through several banks online, as well.

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I will have around $30k.

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Wow, I guess I’m on the lucky side. My parents paid a bunch, I worked all through school, and earned some scholarships (meaning I found them, applied, and won them). I left school with $14,000 in loans, and I pay a cool $105 every month.

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I worked all of the way through (usually 2–3 part time jobs) – it took me six years, but I came out with no debt.

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I owed about $10K when I graduated.

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