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Which Batman best represents your own nature and personality?

Asked by SmashTheState (14245points) February 4th, 2011
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Batman is an enduringly powerful archetype specifically because he is a cypher, a mirror we hold up which reflects whatever we put before it, so much so that after many years of fighting among nerds, geeks, and dorks, the consensus is that the only D&D alignment which can be consistently applied to Batman is “Batman”—that is, he’s all of them.

Over the various decades, the canon Batman has changed to reflect the times. Which version best represents your own nature and personality? Which speaks to you most? Is it the pistol-toting Batman-noir of his earliest appearances, who killed evil-doers with a smirk and a bon mot? Is it the wholesome 50s Batman with his good nature and upright morality? Is it the goofy Adam West 60s Batman, with its light-hearted playfulness and a utility belt stuffed with Bat-shark-repellent? Or perhaps it’s the 70s/80s Neal Adams creature-of-the-night Batman, with his 50 foot cape and tall, spiky-eared mask. Or are you more of a grim, dystopian Dark Knight of the 90s fan, all psychosis and rugged individualist? Perhaps, though, the modern Christian Bale Batman is more your style, with his dark-yet-sympathetic nature and more martial-looking equipment.

(If the George Clooney leather fetishist Batnipple Batman is your thang, I really don’t want to know about it.)

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Christian Bale-type.

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60s Batman. He lacks my Adonis-like physique but shares my earnest outlook. (Actually I’m just in it for the Catwoman)

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Probably the Christian Bale version. As much as the gritty depictions of Batman have always struck me as the most realistic ways of depicting a man who would dress as a bat and fight crime, I’ve always liked the sympathetic Batman who has a humane cause in addition to a desire for revenge.

A recurring theme for Batman writers has been the apparent conflict between the philanthropic life of Bruce Wayne and the vigilante life of Batman. Someone like Frank Miller writes the character as utterly consumed by his Batman persona, but I remember some random issue from the early 90s ending with a line like “Batman is indeed two men, and both are Bruce Wayne.”

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’‘taps chest’’ Pure. West.

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Keaton type

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Frank Millers Dark Knight

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I have to say that I’m partial to the Neal Adams Batman. The Frank Miller Batman eats psychosis and shits angst. Too dark. Too deliberately antisocial. The Neal Adams Batman is dark—and I am a dark person—but he is also about rigid control and the conquering of the Self in the pursuit of something greater.

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im a very antisocial person :) I have the Neal Adams Batman bust like the one in my avatar too :P

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Well i’m definitely not Suave and Rich like Bruce Wayne. Adam West was a preposterous Batman. But i have trouble with the very concept of Batman, a man who is unimaginably wealthy, beating the bejesus out of low life for a hobby. i prefer Zorro or Superman, they are more left wing, and not Bat shit crazy :)

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Adam West ;)

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@mammal I’m not sure how left wing Clark “Do Whatever the Government Tells You To Do” Kent is. Miller’s deconstruction of Superman in The Dark Knight Returns always seemed spot on to me. I recommend Superman: Secret Identity, though, for a more independent Clark Kent.

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Could someone please explain, in layman’s terms, how to do this

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@seazen welll before you can advance to that stage of awesome, you must conquer this

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Could someone please explain, in layman’s terms, how to do this

You take a series of stills and save them in one file as an animated GIF.

Here’s one reference:
Create Animated GIF Images from YouTube Videos Online

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