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Help locating old digital short?

Asked by Tellah (5points) February 8th, 2011
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Hi !
I’m trying to locate a series of old digital shorts I saw back in 2005. The best I can remember the name was something close to “Mr Satin and a trip down strange ally” or strange/weird lane . There was a total of about 7 episodes . The appearance of Mr Satin (or close to that name) was rather simple having a long blue rain coat a boonie hat and orange dreadlocks the over all appearance of the shorts were simplistic in that surfaces were all one color / lack of details to them and there was no talking between any characters . I hope someone cal help :(

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Just a thought, but could it be that you should be searching for Mister Satan, rather than Satin?

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I remember seeing something that sounds a bit like this BUT it was actually created by an advertising agency. That’s why it kind of stood out because it wasn’t your regular series, it was just some short episodes some agency did for something… can’t remember. Are we talking about the same thing?
I remember coming across it when I was searching for a job in an ad agency.

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