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What actor or actress would you most like to see portray a certain character?

Asked by erichw1504 (26448points) February 18th, 2011
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When an actor is cast for as specific character they should not only act the part, but also look the part. Sometimes studio execs get the casting right, sometimes they don’t.

If you had the power and resources to cast any actor or actress as a character of your choosing, who would it be and what is the role?

Two rules:
– The actor or actress can be someone who has already passed away.
– The character can be from anywhere whether it be a comic, novel, true story, tv show, previous movie, etc…

Be sure to tell us your reason behind your casting.

Sarcastic casting ideas are welcome.

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I want Robert Shaw to portray my lovah! grins

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If they go through with the bio-pic on Jeff Buckley, I vote Franco over Pattinson. Franco is tall, but they can angle the shots to shorten him a bit. He looks more like Jeff, and I am willing to bet he has a decent voice. Why are they even talking about Edward-friggin-Cullen? WTF?

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Peter Lorre as Gollum in the Hobbit. He had the perfect voice for it.

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I always thought they should have cast Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) as Inspector Gadget in the movie ..then the sequal which I didn’t bother watching lol. As long as they kept his quirky personality from Seinfeld. It would have been worth seeing at the time. That was the first person and character that came to mind.

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I really wish Nathan Fillion (Capt. Mal in Firefly) was playing Nathan Drake in the movie adaptation of the video game Uncharted. Instead, Mark Wahlberg is. :(

Reasoning: Fillion would make a much better Drake than Wahlberg. If you’ve played the video game, you know what I’m talking about. He has the devilish good looks, the wit, and the acting chops to make an excellent Drake.

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@Shegrin I think my husband should play Jeff Buckley. He looks just like him, and can play guitar and sing like him if he tries.

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I would like Amy Poehler to portray every female character ever, since she is scientifically proven to be the greatest woman alive.

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Great question! I would want Samuel L. Jackson to play the Great Red Dragon if Bone were ever adapted for a movie.
Edward Norton as Johnny C. in a cartoon adaptation of Johnny the Homicdal Maniac.
Daniel Day-Lewis as Andrew Ryan in a BioShock movie.
And either Billy Crudup or Malcom McDowell to play Judge Holden in a movie version of Blood Meridian!

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I would love to see Natalie Portman in a remake of Breakfast at Tiffany’s as Holly Golightly.

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One or the other of my 3 favorite fellows playing Sherlock Holmes: Alan Rickman, Patrick Stewart or Charles Shaugnessy.

A remake of The Sound of Music and a remake of On Golden Pond both starring Charles Shaugnessy and Fran Drescher. (I’ve recently discovered the Nanny and I’ve fallen in love with Fran and Maxwell and think they should be in every romantic thing that I like).

The Miss Julia book series by Anne B. Ross with Dixie Carter (God rest her soul) playing Miss Julia opposite her real husband Hal Holbrook playing Sam and Alfre Woodard as Miss Julia’s housekeeper Lillian, Jessica Simpson as Hazel Marie, a very young McCauley Culkin as Little Lloyd and slightly younger than now, Tom Selleck, as J.D.

A movie version of the book “The Help” starring Queen Latifah as Minny and Mabel King (God rest her soul) playing Aibileen and Julia Duffy (as she appeared in her younger days on Newhart) as Elizabeth Leefolt and a younger Juliette Lewis as Skeeter.

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Tom Cruise to play one of snow white’s seven dwarves. He is little enough and dumb enough…...........

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Tintin starring Michael J. Fox as Tintin and Sean Connery as Captain Haddock, but the actors circa 1980.

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