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We all use portable computers (laptops) on our laps. Any danger here?

Asked by skfinkel (13532points) February 22nd, 2011
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I am wondering since I learned the iphone emits more radiation than recommended by the FCC. So what about laptops? Do they? We don’t have our heads up against them, but some of us do put them on our laps for hours. Is there some knowledge about whether or not this could be a problem in the future?

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I’ve read it can lower sperm count because of the added heat to the area…. past that I dunno.

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For men it’s not so much the radiation as it is the heat. Sperm cells don’t do well with heat. The reason our testicles hang down is to keep them cooler than the rest of our body. The added heat from the laptop can lower your sperm count. Add underwear and long periods of time in a sitting position to the mix and it spells pretty bad news for the fertility of uber geeks.

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Laptops are now known as “notebooks” for the very reason that a person had their “notebook” on their lap back when they were actually called “laptops” and claimed to suffer 2nd degree burns from the heat from the “laptop” sued and got zillions of dollars claiming the term “Laptop” caused them to place the “laptop” on their lap and suffer the agonizing pain of a warm computer in their lap. So they do not make “laptops” anymore you can only buy notebooks now and what ever you do, do not place them on your lap or now it is your own damn fault if you get burned!

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I never use a laptop on my lap. In fact, it is preferable to use laptops on hard surfaces so as to not obstruct ventilation.

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The iphone isn’t a good example, of anything.
The radiation emitted by consumer electronics is non-polarizing which means it won’t cause any damage at low levels. And even if heat is bad for your balls, I doubt everyone in Africa is a eunich. In fact I doubt it twice.

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