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Fluther Olympics : If you were to compete in such a spectacle, which sporting event would you choose & why?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 23rd, 2011
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Doesn’t have to be a recognised Olympic event, although that would be good too. Actually, do you know what? You can even make up your own entries if you wish. Funny, bizarre or just plain weird. It’s basically a convoluted way of asking what sports do you enjoy/excel in.

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Biathlon distance bicycle riding and burrito eating.

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The sitting on my sofa with my laptop – I’d break the world record easy!!

I’d quite like a go at the bob sleding in the winter olympics!!!

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@sakura There is a lot of competition on Fluther!

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Long-range Minecrafting.

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Power packing

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Long-jump to Conclusions ought to be a recognized Fluther event.

I think that I could do well in travel-sleeping. I have yet to encounter a passenger vehicle that forces me to stay awake.
Killing Time is one of my specialties – Even with a severe handicap (like having help) I can drag four hours of work into six hours.

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I’m currently the gold medalist on Fluther for the fastest typist – because no one has challenged me… yet.

I bet I could beat any of you guys in a typing race. Just ask me and we can set up a time or something. Seriously.

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The puppy hugging marathon, Jade and I would win easily :-)

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Olympic Jeopardy
May I have Ken on my team?

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Cat juggling.

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Movie watching and fluthering simutaneously. I’m very good.

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Chinese Food eating marathon.

Chocolate eating marathon.

Raiding a dungeon in World of Warcraft while folding laundry. :P

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I would be a scantily clad cheerleader.

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The Nanny re-runs watching marathon.

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Web surfing. I am the quickest web surfer this side of the Mississippi.

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The anonymous dash. ..................................................... ;-)

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Obfuscation and procrastination

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Broad Jumping… :)

Also the naked high jump I took the worlds record after spilling hot chocolate on my lap.

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Falling asleep at the cinema & the loudest snore :-/ I win hands down…….

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Trampoline and I would kick ass.

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Shoe shopping and soup making ;)

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Cast marathon runner! Especially in my new cast, caution orange!

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Druken Fluthering!

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Moto cross for old farts. I used to love doing that until the object became how many riders you can rip heads off and kill.

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I think I could win the Point, Laugh, and Snark.

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The Guiltathon. Team members bring up one another’s failures, duties and obligations, and old histories to lay guilt trips on one another. Advanced competition does it without making any reference to religion or parents. Bonus points if you can make the opposing team feel guilty.

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Gymnastics, of course.

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Synchronized ad-libbing, verbal wrestling (Greco-Roman or freestyle), tonsil hockey.

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