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What did you want to be when you were little?

Asked by Twinkletoes22 (289points) February 23rd, 2011
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Are you that now or do you still dream of the career you wanted when you were small. Or are you happy with yours?

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I always thought I’d be lawyer. My mother dissuaded me from it and part of me thinks about going for it now.

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Pro footballer (soccer) or a stuntman. I’m happy with my lot now though, those particular ships have sailed. Anyway, I still get to practice both on a regular basis. I’m fine with that.

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An astronaut. On the current situation, I should have gone for cosmonaut, or whatever the Chinese call it.

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An archeologist.

my mom has a tape of my kindergarten graduation where we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said an archeologist. xD

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I always wanted to be a writer. That actually worked out for me. Kinda. I write technical documentation for salary and benefits and freelance fiction for tiny bits of cash.

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I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot when I was younger. For the last 23 years, roughly half my life, I’ve been a military policeman and I’ve been very satisfied with that for the most part.

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I always wanted to work in a bank… the thought of playing about with money all day long just seemed so very exciting to me

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Marine Biologist. Kind of appropriate, here, huh? I won’t even go into why that didn’t happen.

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I wanted to be a hair dresser when I was little. I actually had a toy boutique similar to this one and I would “practice” on my mom’s hair.

After that, I wanted to be a geologist, then an archaeologist (until I learned that I would have to go far from home to do so… I was deathly afraid of leaving my family). From there, my dreams evolved to herpetology. Then I wanted to work for the CIA. Then the DEA. Then I wanted to be an English professor. Then a sage. Then a history professor. Then a lawyer. Then a neurosurgeon. Then a lawyer again.

Now, I’m one year or so away from being done with a history degree, and it looks like I’m going to be doing something military-history related. We’ll see.

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A jockey, a veterinarian and a writer.

I’m still aspiring to writing.

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Teacher (and I am).

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Alas, I never really had many ambitions, much less when I was little. When I was a teenager though I wanted to be a writer. I would enjoy doing something having to do with writing but I’m not sure where to start and I’m not at liberty to abandon my current career path.

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I wanted to be a mother. I had to also be a nurse- mother pay is not so much.

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really little? A Sailor.

Eighth Grade? Supreme Court Justice.

I am neither.

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Since the time I was really little, I wanted to be a mermaid and I am in my 30’s and still do.
I’m serious, that would be so awesome as a career!

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I quite fancied being an astronomer, but alas it was not to be.

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I wanted to be an astronaut, teacher, psychologist, vet, chemist, and a geneticist, which I’m starting school for this year.

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Thought of a couple more…
treasue hunter, archeologist, ghost hunter yes I said ghost hunter, pediatrician till my daddy told me I would have to give babies shots and psychologist.

I am none of these but would still love to be any one of them.

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Air hostess or cowboy. Quite diverse. About the only two things that I have not been!

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I am a web developer now. Guess I’m building web applications instead of buildings.

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I wanted to be a veternarian, then I wanted to be a writer for the longest time ( I still do) I wanted to write columns for the paper. I have a few short stories but they are unpublished. Here lately in my 20s I have became very intrested in nutrition. Its amazing all the crap americans eat and do not realize, so I want to help people become more aware of what they are eating and get them back to basics for the most part. Im going to school for nutrition right now but I still dream of being a writer. We shall see. :)

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I too wanted to be a Veternarian and help animals but alas I was destined to become a worker in the government. The one thing that has brought to me is very unique experiences that I am grateful for or at least for the most part. It has opened my eyes to many things that the world does not see but it puts you in a place that sharing of such experience becomes quite difficult.

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When my second grade teacher asked us, I said a McDonalds employee. SIGH.

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My first memory is of wanting to be an artist. (It has taken me pretty much my whole life to accept that I am, in fact, an artist….although, not for a living and I rarely create lately.) Then I started to talk about being a fireman. I was a 7 year old girl in the 80s, so I knew it was vaguely possible, but everyone’s reaction when I told them, was concern. I forgot about being a firewoman.

I began to notice around me that there were so many adults who had forgotten what it was like to be a kid. Some were really ugly, hateful, and annoyed when kids were around. I never understood how someone who used to be a kid could be harsh. During adolesence, my friends often told me that I should be a counselor. I always encouraged my friends to make positive changes in their lives. I never seriously thought that was the direction for me until I discovered Play Therapy. I completed my Masters a couple years ago and now I am pursuing my LPC and RPT to become a Licensed Private Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. I get to bear witness to such resilency and constanly remember what it’s like to be a kid!

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Horse Jockey
Famous artist

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@deni that is hilarious! My little brother used to grab my mom’s purse and head for the door. When we asked him where he was going, he would say to work at his job at the grocery store.
When we asked him what was his job was there, he would say, “Eatin all da bapples.” Just thought I would share

@KhiaKarma I can relate to every thing you said. It has taken many years to realize, I AM an artist and writer, just unpublished. And I can remember thinking as a kid, “What is the big deal? Adults are so mean” this reminds everyday to have patience with my own

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When I was around 10 or 12 I wanted to be a horseracing jockey. I dropped that idea as soon as I found out how badly paid they are.

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I wanted to be the person behind the bar at the drug store who made milkshakes. I thought using that little machine would be great fun. Plus I could have as much hot fudge on my sundaes as I wanted.

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Tony Montana.

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I wanted to be a horse trainer.

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I wanted to be a veterinarian or an artist.I am an artist. :)

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Veterinarian, writer, naturalist. I’m none of those. Well, I do write for a living, but I’m not a writer.

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Here we go, in order: Indiana Jones, a professional ballerina, a watercolour painter, a paleontologist (specializing in dinosaurs), a marine biologist, an author and illustrator of children’s picture books, a teacher, and then back to a would-be author. Am I there yet? Hm. It’s a process and I’m on my way :)

I still want to be Indiana Jones.

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@muppetish Who wouldnt want to be Indiana Jones? :) haha.

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I can’t remember thinking I wanted to be something specific when I was young. Maybe I need to check with my mom.

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@muppetish, I want to be Indiana Jones too. Can we share?

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I wanted to do Indiana Jones…

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@JilltheTooth, I guess we’ll all have to share, then.

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