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LGBT Jellies: Are there any studies showing gay cultural trends vs. straight cultural trends?

Asked by Carly (4555points) February 25th, 2011
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I’m curious to know how different or similar straight vs. gay cultural trends are. I’m bi, but I’ve always grown up in a strictly straight environment (except for some of my romantic experiences).

Have there been any studies focusing on comparisons between gay and straight cultures? Not necessarily on sex, simply personal preferences in anything.

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In fact, there is! is an excelent blog where they used the database of to do extensive analysis of trends between people, and in fact, there is one about straight vs gay tendencies.

Check out the article here:

And view the entire blog, is really really interesting! :)

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oo, thank you!

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I never thought of being hetero as a cultural trend. What did I miss?

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er, no, the trends that hetero ppl tend to follow versus trends that homosexual ppl do. I think there are things that straight folks like that gay men and women probably dont, and visa versa.

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but there will always be things that both like!

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oh, ok

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