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A day without _____________ is like a day without sunshine.

Asked by seazen (6123points) February 26th, 2011
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A kiss and hug from my kids. I don’t need nothin’ else.

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A day without you, seazen, a day without you.

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But really? Some form of intellectual stimulation. I just got back from a party where everyone was getting drunk, stoned, and chain smoking, save for me. I was reading a book after deciding that the group was exceptionally immature, obnoxious, and ornery. I feel that I’ve never been so pathetic…

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Laughter – cheesy but true.

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I start having withdrawals and going postal on daycare centers. It isn’t pretty.

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I’ve heard you need 12 hugs a day to be genuinely happy, so days with zero hugs really suck.

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I think I just had an imagination failure.

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My wonderful husband.

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Speaking to my favourite man

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My wife

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I can’t get past the fact that I hate sunshine in order to answer the question the way it was meant. Dammit.

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Ditto, same as in your details for me. Oh & a bloody good, long, hard chuckle! You thought I was going to say screw didn’t you? Oh you didn’t…..

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@Vunessuh -Aw…don’t you ever sleep??

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My hubby’s smile, our puppy’s happy tailwag and an abundance of hugs :-)
<high fives @sliceswiththings> hugs rule :-)
<throws hugs for fellow jellies> xx

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@MacBean Me too! I much prefer a rainy day. Let me rephrase my answer to: “A day without speaking to my favourite man is like a day without rain”.

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a warm greeting!

Nothing pleases me more than when people, be them strangers or friends, are happy to see me.

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@saraaaaaa Excellent answer. I am officially rescinding my first choice (Coke) and replacing it with yours :)

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@FutureMemory Aww I’m blushing, a very warm greeting indeed ^^

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Now I can’t get the phrase “A day without sunshine is, like, night” out of my head. I FAIL AT THIS QUESTION.
For me, a day without some form of entertainment media is not worth being conscious for. A book or a movie, either new or old, or an episode of TV I haven’t seen before makes waking up worthwhile to me.

(I’m not sure why re-read books and re-watch movies until I can recite them, but tend not to re-watch TV. My DVD shelves are full of exceptions but it’s still a much rarer thing.)

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a shower,—the smell of soap and cleanliness is intoxicating—

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I like @dreamer31 ‘s answer.. (I would because I make the soap! I have lavender and vanilla in the shower right now as a trial and loving it.)

But I’d say kisses and hugs from by little boy and a beautiful view to look at. Nature is my tonic… (Now, if could just stop running out of gin! lol)

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Feeling loved.

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Tough call.

My wife gives my life meaning, but caffeine calms me down enough to avoid killing people and winding up in prison where I won’t get to see her, and intellectual stimulation keeps me sane/lucid enough to enjoy my time with her.

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Alone time.

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My boyfriend. He is my sunshine~

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You guys, especially when I’m stuck in this friggin office. Of course, if I got off fluther I’d get out of the office quicker, but I needed a fix.

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music, coffee

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I’ll have to agree with @RareDenver His wife.

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A smiling face :)

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A day without my fiance is like a day without sunshine. :(

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Fluffy head butts off my cats………………….. :-/

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electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun

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The things I wish I had is a day without sunshine. These are not material things. Everyday is a day without sunshine due to the fact I don’t have these things.

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A day without smiling is like a day without sunshine :)

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