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What's the deal with this situation?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) February 26th, 2011
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Ok, so a while ago I posted a question about this girl who said she liked me. One of the main thing she mentioned was my eyes. Soon after that, another myself and a few others were standing by the door to leave class, and she looked at me quickly, then looked again and stared into munster for a good 15 secons or so, just staring, them said some stuff about them. Just today another girl talked to me on facebook, telling me that she liked me, askin if I ever dated, stuff like that, and one of the main things she mentioned was my eyes.

I told my friend about this, and apparently when I met his girlfriend when he stopped by work, she talked with him and said my eyes were scary, something like that. I asked him what he though and he said that they were like some sort of blue black hole.

WTF is going on? Do I have some weird ability to affect people with my eyes or something? I seriously don’t want to look people in the eyes because of this.

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I’ve sure you have lovely eyes. Can I just check a couple of things, how many of them do you have and where are they?

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Daniel Craig can knock girls speechless with his eyes, he owes a certain amount of his career to them (he said so himself, although as a fan I think he was being overly self depreciating, he’s an amazingly talented actor). I think you’ll probubly find as you travel through life that your eyes are a huge asset. They’ll make you stand out in people’s memories, you’ll be fighting girls off, and likely other guys will be jealous. What you can’t do is to allow some daft, off hand comments make you feel self conscious. From what you’ve said it sounds a little like your friend is a tiny bit jealous of his girlfriend being affected (in a good way) by your beautiful eyes. There isn’t a thing wrong with you or your eyes sweetheart, think of it as the Daniel Craig effect :-)
hugs xx

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Lol, I’ve been told I have “Intense” or “intimidating” eyes…. I don’t know what that means either…..nor do I really care… I really like my eyes uniqueness (4 different colours)….
So it only matters what you think of your eyes… It’s also fun to screw with people who are bothered by your eyes…lol

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Don’t stop looking people in the eyes. They are one of your best features.

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Lead with your strength. Apparently you have killer (and perhaps bedroom) eyes.

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@markferg Just 2, and in the regular spots.

@janbb That’s the thing, I don’t need “bedroom eyes”

@coffeenut LOL I do sometimes, there is one person where if i just stare at here if she looks in my eyes she won’t look away for a good 30 seconds.Good for kicks every now and then.

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wow, any chance of a picture for a better analysis of the situation?

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Sure, give me a bit @queenie

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Here you go It’s not a very good picture, the lighting is bad but you get the idea. Sometimes they are more blue.

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Intense – I would call them!

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WOW… i don’t think they’re scary at all, like @janbb said, intense and I can imagine if someone actually made eye contact with you in real life, they would be momentarily stunned.
haha. And like @marinelife said, I ‘m guessing they most definately could be your best feature.Just ignore the negative comments, people who say you’ve got scary eyes are just intimidated by the amazingness of them,,, they’re jealous.

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I guess I have some sort of eye-tazer or something.

Anyways, this sort of thing combined with a theory that these people view me as a challenge, because I have no interest in a relationship or to dateputs me in a sort of “hard to get” situation, which would only make this situation escalate. Does that sound right to you?

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