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Physical agilty test: does this sound impossible to you or is it just me?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) February 28th, 2011
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For a job I must complete a physical agility test. The test goes as follows:

run 20 yards, jump over a span of 3 ft, run 25 yards, climb over a 5 ft wall, run 10 yards, crawl under a 2ft x 10ft obstacle, run 25 yards, complete 12 step up/down counts on an 8 inch stair, run 15 yards, climb through a window obstacle 36w x 30h – 3 ft above ground, run 10 yards, run 15 yards, drag 150 lb dummy 5 yards, pick up fake gun pull trigger with dominant hand and switch to non dominant hand and replace gun on chair.

Now all of this is supposed to be completed in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Does that even sound realistic or am I just crazy?

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It could be unrealistic and you could still be crazy.

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I think they make every police officer and most firefighters go through pretty much what you listed above. Yep, there is a time limit for a reason. It’s often a competition to hire the fastest, strongest, and best qualified candidate for the job.

I’d be training like a super hero if I wanted a job on a squad.

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Let’s break up the problem and lump like terms. Total running is 120 yards. A good time for 100 yds is 12 seconds , so give it 15 seconds for 120 yards. A couple of dives and rolls, 3 seconds . A jump and spin over the wall, 1 sec., a drag 6 seconds, pick up gun 2 sec, 12 steps 6 sec. There you go. You got it in 35 seconds. And the rest of the time is used for writing the report and eating the donut.

Practice and training will help, but you can do it. Obviously, you should try it first. Thousands of others have done it before you – You can too. It’s worth it. Good luck.

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Yes it can be done and in much less time than is allowed. I used to run the 100 yard dash in 10 seconds and you only have a total of 120 yards. The others can be done with the remaining time. It will take a bit of practice and endurance so practice before taking it.

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Unless you are severely obese, you could complete this after 2–3 months of training.

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I think it is realistic though that timing is harsh or I probably wouldn’t make it. Then again, I’m not trying to become a policeperson or whatever it is you’re doing. I think you’ll make it, you have to practice. I also think that they should give that test yearly to maintain agility ‘cause some of the cops around here, seriously? They wouldn’t make it whatsoever.

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The test seems to be purposefully difficult in that only people who are in good shape can pass. If you have the access to practice the test, I’d say practice it a few times. Regular exercise will also help you pass the test. Good luck!

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I’d say a typicial healthy-ish man can probably do that in about 60 seconds, so 90 seconds sounds like a reasonable test, depending on what the job requirements are. The only part I might worry about is the 5-foot wall, and what it is like, and how tall the contestant is. The test definitely favors the tall.

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It doesn’t sound too bad to me, and I’m not exactly a young woman. Get in better shape before test day. You’ll be able to do it.

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I would want the firefighter who rescues me to be able to do it. I also think policemen should have to renew their physical agility test every two years. I don’t know how some donut cops ever chase down bad guys.

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It’s only running 110 yards. That’s about the same as the Olympic 100 Meter dash, which top atheletes do in under 10 seconds. Now I know you have to stop briefly for each obstacle, but not that long. The obstacles aren’t the sort of thing Navy Seals have to scale or crawl under. I’m 67 years old, and I am pretty sure I could do it.

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Sounds like the type of thing most Marines could do each day, before breakfast yet :)

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