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What are some solutions given by characters in, "An Enemy of the People?

Asked by littlekori (676points) March 1st, 2011
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Can you jellies help me please!
I need help listing some solutions that were offered in the play, “An Enemy of the People,” by Henrik Ibsen.


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Answer to this and others here.

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@littlekori: Is this an online English course? You don’t seem to be getting very useful teaching or class discussions. I hate to see you at sea in so many subjects.

This play should be much easier to understand than the William Blake poem. Have you read the entire play yet?

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@gailcalled yes it is online. And I just can’t learn this way. I am more of a visual more interactive learner, so I don’t understand a lot with these online classes.

And yes I did. But it was a littel while ago.

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Why not drop the online courses, which have proved to be frustrating, exhausting and counterproductive? Go back to a proper school or take a course or two at a community college.

Why aren’t you in a classroom? You said that you were 16?

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I’m not allowed to. I got into some trouble so my parents put me in online school. And they won’t let me go back to regular school.

And yes I am 16.

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Oh, dear. Any chance to redeem yourself and get a better education?

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Not till next school year! :/

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