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Renovating and trying to find my vision. Can you help?

Asked by Judi (39880points) March 1st, 2011
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We are renovating a house and one thing we know is that we will have chickens.
We hate the “country clutter” look and much prefer a modern feng shui sort of feel.
I was thinking I might find inspiration from an oriental farm house, but googling isn’t bringing out my inner muse.
Can you help me find images that might inspire me?
The only things set in stone so far are the toto nearest sinks and toilet for the master bath.

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Do you mean that you will have live chickens in a hen house in your yard? Or do you mean that you want to have images of hens as part of the artwork inside your home?

Also, what is a toto?

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No images of chickens. We will have a hen house. Also a small vegetable garden.
here is the Toto bath suite although we are leaning towards a kohler tub.

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This house seems to have a nice balance between modern, clutter-free spaces but with farmhouse style colors and decor.

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This is the house we are moving out of.
It was our last remodel. I love the bamboo floors, will probably do that again, but it didn’t have a yard. I want this to be just as elegant, with more of a sustainable, feel.

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Loving the ideas, keep them coming!

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Very nice! I love bamboo floors too. I’ve found some more pictures. I hope you like them.

Dining Room

Indoor Outdoor Space

Modern Tea House





Wood Beams

Rustic Living Room

Bamboo and Wood Beams

Stone and Wood

Here is a company that you might like called 3Form. They make pressed glass panels and resin panels imbedded with botanicals as well as other things you might like. You can design these yourself (size and shape) to use as room dividers, privacy windows, room transitions etc. There are other companies that make similar products. I saw a similar product used in one of Kaiser’s new facilites that was glass with long thing vertical streaks etched into the center of it so that it looked like it was raining. Very cool. There’s another company that makes similar and very beautiful products called Lumicor

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Some of the pictures linked are good examples of what I’d suggest: combine rustic materials and modern design. Stone wall with a sleek couch in front of it, a modern fireplace topped by a big slab of old wood for a mantle, that kind of thing.

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