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Why is this ebay seller calling my phone 4 times a day? Is this harassment?

Asked by Glow (1366points) March 4th, 2011
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I tried buying something from an ebay seller who seems credible, but 13 days went by and they never delivered my package, and I did notify him after 7 days and he said it was normal for it to take that long (even though I have received packages from california in 3 days). So I asked for a refund and got it. Then, the day after they asked for me to revise my negative response on ebay, and I did, but I left it still negative. Then, the day after, they called me 4 times. The next day, they called me 4 times again! The next day, they called me 3 times, and today they called me twice! I don’t want to pick up because I feel like it is over and done with. I got my refund and they can move on themselves. So wth? Why are they calling me so many times?

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I’m not very familiar with ebay policies, but I would see if there was a way to report it to ebay.

After checking that out, I would revise my response to reflect the incessant calling. If they continued calling, I would pick up and ask them not to call again. My phone has a “blocked call” list, so the callers go directly to voicemail. If your phone has something similar, I would suggest you do the same.

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Yes, report them to eBay.

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I third that.

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4th that – I’d report them to eBay and revise my response to reflect the uber caller. Sounds a little loopy – If I were you I’d do the whole call blocking thing and thank the Gods you weren’t on a dating site instead of an auction site cause that one woulda become a stalker for sure. eek!

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Yes it is harrassment and you should complain about them.

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Went through a similar situation. Though mine wasnt with calling, it was just spammed the fuck out of my email. I mean I got a refund, I was done and over with, but the whole thing was a horrible experience so I gave a neg feedback. And they harrased the hell out of my email and my ebay account PM saying to change it to positive because they refunded me.

Then after continually telling them to leave me alone to no avail I contacted ebay and told them the situation. Havent heard from that seller since :)

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Revise it further and add in about the phone calls. Sounds rediculous.

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Do not get me wrong- I am not in ANY WAY condoning the harassment and believe you have to report them. I just thought I would point out the reason they are going rabid.

Ebay is now set up so that one negative rating can just about hide a sellers products in search for weeks which can severely cut into a users income. This 0 tolerance policy is bringing out the worst in sellers who rely on Ebay for a living. Before it was calculated so that when the occasional mishap occurred the seller was not penalized. A lot of very very good sellers left Ebay for this reason.

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Sorry for the slow response, but thank you all for the reply!

@uberbatman – Glad I am not the only one!
@Dog – Wow, okay that explains it then. I had no idea! I guess I coulda been nice and gave him a neutral, but he didn’t deliver my package for over 2 weeks :/

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Ever think maybe you should answer the phone and see why he is calling? I feel its RIDICULOUS when people get upset about someone calling when they wont even answer the phone once to see why?! Where im from, someone not answering a call like that is considered “pu**y”.

In a nutshell, give the guy a chance to say what he needs to. I had a situation a while back where I did exactly what you did, and it turns out the guy was calling me to tell me he sent the item with no oil in it! Im glad I answered. So for whatever reason, answer the phone or call the guy back!

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