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What is the grocery store equivalent to Publix in Michigan?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 4th, 2011
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Publix is a upscale grocery store in the south. What is its equivalent in Michigan?

If the store you name is a boutique style grocery store, please mention that fact! Publix is a large chain, so I’m interested in equivalence primarily. All answers are welcome!

Thanks :D

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Kroger I think would be Publix-equivalent operating in Michigan. Also Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have stores in the Detroit metro area.

Nino Salvaggio is a wonderful gourmet-ish grocery, with just three locations around Detroit.

Meijer is a large regional company based in Western Michigan with stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Meijer’s stores are like a really big (and really good) grocery and a Target combined.

Meijer is the bomb, I wish one were convenient to me.

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From my experience with Publix while on vacation in Florida, I would say Kroger is the closest. Whole Foods and Trader Joes cross into the niche grocery space. Meijer is more in line with a Walmart with grocery space, except that the retail merchandise that Meijer sells is more aligned with Target in terms of quality than Walmart. (If I buy clothing at Meijer or Target I admit it. I never own up to purchasing clothing at Walmart.)

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Krogers down here are dingy. Hopefully they’re better there. I remember meijer’s from when I was a kid…

I was born in Michigan but left, I’m finally going back! Thank you for the responses!

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I think you’ll find as you move north, they get better. They are making a concerted effort to update stores in areas where they have a significant market presence. Where exactly in MI are you moving?

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Definitely Kroger.

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You will have both Kroger and Meijer in Okemos. And more importantly, The Travelers Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum!

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Publix has no equivalent I’m afraid.

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I agree Publix has no equivalent. Kroger where I live outside of Memphis sucks more and more. When I lived in East Lansing it was not terrible, but if your Kroger is anything now like mine here, you probably already miss Publix badly. Meijer can be ok, it’s better than Walmart by a long shot.

The best thing about Okemos is a Spartan footbal game in the fall, and the Wharton Center is very nice and gets good Broadway tours. I loved MI, people are great there.

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I was born in Lansing, lived in East Lansing and Okemos! Thanks for the praise!

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