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Could you name some bad tracks from amazing artists?

Asked by ninjacolin (14243points) March 5th, 2011
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Do you happen to really dislike any songs from otherwise amazing artists?
If so, how come and what do you think of the artist normally?

thanks and sorry if this was asked before :P

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison.

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David Bowie… Laughing Gnome…

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@marinelife Geez, that’s one of my favorites.

I was thinking of Dylan’s Slow Train Coming, but that’s a whole album, not just a track.

Rolling Stones, Faraway Eyes.

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Mine too @zenvelo. I had to read the question again. I love George singing While My Guitar Gently Weeps…

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Any Aerosmith after Stephen Tyler got off heroin or all Metallica albums after Justice for All.

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There aren’t many songs I hate as much as My Ding-a-Ling from the amazing Chuck Berry or Squeeze Box from the Who.

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I happen to like Squeeze Box. The two Who tracks that I always skip are “Tommy’s Holiday Camp”, side 4 of Tommy, and “Bell Boy” from Quadrophenia. I am sure Who fanatics will tell me they are integral to the whole concept of the albums, but they are just annoying, grating noise to me.

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Imagine by John Lennon drives me up the wall.;)

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About half the cuts off of The Urge by Stuart Hamm because I know the boy is so much better than that. Most Metallica after the Black Album also qualifies, though they have had an occasional good song since, just not many.

@marinelife @lucillelucillelucille Bite me! I like While my guitar gently weeps and Imagine is one of my favorite songs!

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Live and Let Die by Guns N’ Roses.

Paul McCartney & Wings did it perfectly the first time around and their rendition should have been the only time around.

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@jerv Well….no. XD

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I know a lot of New Order fans like Fine Time, but I can’t stand it. It’s too repetitive, and the deep voice in the middle bugs me.

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“Camera” by R.E.M. from Reckoning, their second album. Absolutely dirge-like and dreadful. And though Reckoning was sort of Murmur, Part 2, there were other songs on that album that were just as great as the ones on Murmur, namely “So. Central Rain”, “Little America” and “HarborCoat”.

As for other great artists, I think we can overlook everything by David Bowie from ~1984— 1995. Let’s do that, yeah? Yeah.

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@zenvelo I agree. Well, by comparison to the rest of the songs on side two, it’s not as good.

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I’m a big fan of Led Zep, but I just can’t stand Stairway to Heaven.

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Some consider The Beatles to be amazing, I don’t. But setting them in that category, I’d go with “Inagine.” Yeah, I know that was technically a John Lennon song, but it still it firs the category. Another was “All You Need Is Love,” just a total mess of a song.

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The artist doesn’t really have to be “amazing”.. just an artist that you personally like save for the one or more exceptions.

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