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Why do I feel dizzy when I reach up high for something?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) March 13th, 2011
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I can’t exactly recall when this first started happening but I know I’ve experienced it for awhile. I have noticed that when I reach up high for something (reaching for the string on the ceiling fan or reaching for a high cabinet for example) I get very dizzy for a few seconds even after I have completed the task. It’s not a huge concern but it does stir my curiosity a little. Is this a common occurrence with most people or is it just me?

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Well, it could be the beginnings of vestibular disease.

There are exercises that you can do to help it. You should see an ENT specialist for a specific diagnosis and treatment program.

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If it’s caused by tilting your head upward, it could be vertebral artery syndrome.

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There are over 300 causes for feeling dizzy so seeing a doc is a must be diagnosing the exact cause can be an absoulte pain in the butt.

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Does it happen as you’re reaching up, or afterwards? If it’s afterwards, maybe you’re holding your breath without realizing it?

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It could be a mild drop in blood pressure or a problem with your inner ear. It doesn’t sound terribly serious but you might want to talk to your doctor about it, especially if it gets worse.

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I just stared having the same thing happening to me today.I’m wondering what could cause it.

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